BAO Knows Fortune’s Fastest-Growing Companies: Storage Buyers

July 17, 2015
Category: Blog Post

BAO Fastest Growing CompaniesIn the first post in this series, we looked at three of Fortune’s Fastest-growing Companies who are in the market for mobility/BYOD solutions. Today, we’re going to dive into four companies from the same 100 Fastest-Growing Companies "annual list of public companies with the most stellar three-year profit, revenue, and stock growth."

This time, we’re looking at high-growth companies who are in an active buying cycle for storage solutions.

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AmTrust Financial Services

Through its subsidiaries, AmTrust operates as a multinational property and casualty insurance company. The size of their storage and backup environment is in the 501 TB to 1 PB range. Their annual IT budget, currently in the $1 million to $5 million range, will be increasing up to 25% in the next year and they are focusing their technology investments on archiving, backup and recovery, as well as data deduplication.




Dycom Industries

This Florida-based company provides construction and specialty services to the telecommunications industry. The company is planning to increase its annual $6 million to $10 million IT budget up to 25% over the next twelve months and its storage and backup environment manages 501 TB to 1 PB of data. In addition to an active disaster recovery initiative, the company is also reviewing vendors and solutions for big data and is in the discovery/planning phase for a CRM initiative. The company primarily purchases technology through SHI.



SS&C Technologies

This fast-growing software company may not be increasing its $11 million to $25 million IT budget, but it has a number of active initiatives to support its 501 TB to 1 PB storage and backup environment, including data center consolidation/optimization; archiving, backup and recovery; and data deduplication. The company is also in the discovery/planning phase of an application performance management project. The company tends to procure technology solutions from CDW and Insight.



Carrizo Oil and Gas

The Houston-based company may have a smaller storage and backup environment (50-100 TB) and IT budget ($1 million to $5 million) than the other companies profiled here, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a hot prospect. In fact, in addition to active data center consolidation/optimization and disaster recovery initiatives, the company also has security/end-point protection, big data, and cloud projects in the works. The company works with several VAR/IT partners, including CDW, SHI and they also purchase direct.


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