Marketers: Help Sales Hit the Ground Running

Posted by Jessica Pilat, Vice President of Marketing January 19, 2016
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It’s that time of year – everyone is coming off sales kickoff season. At the meeting, assignments may have shuffled, priorities may have shifted and there may be new targets in everyone’s sights. There’s a lot of new opportunity out there and everyone is enthusiastic – but when kickoff breaks, reality sets in. Marketers: Help Sales hit the Ground Running

New targets and new target markets require a fair amount of research. Because jumping in without a strategy – and without really understanding who you’re going after – is risky, and it could potentially jeopardize your rep’s chances of ever being able to build a meaningful relationship with that prospect.

We all know that the rest of the market isn’t going to slow down to give your reps the time to dig deep into those new accounts to understand where the opportunities are – but that doesn’t mean that this transition time has to be wasted time.

Sales Can Get By – With a Little Help from Their Friends

As a VP of Marketing, I’ve been there – and I love working with our Clients on the marketing side of the house to figure out how to maximize this transition time. The key is to work closely with sales leadership to understand which organizations and markets will take priority.

With that initial insight, marketing can start strategizing, building out profiles and programs – including key contacts, targeted messaging, content and events – that will help their inside and outside sales counterparts hit the ground running once the dust has settled.

And Marketing Can Get By – With a Little Help from BAO

So now marketing needs to start digging – who sits where at the prospect organization? Who’s making the big decisions? What’s the best way to get in touch with them? Which messages will resonate with them most? BAO Account Maps - Sales Intelligence

Finding this information isn’t easy – and it’s practically a full-time job. Luckily for our Clients, diving deep for account-level intelligence is literally our full-time job. 

Over the last year, many of our Clients’ marketing teams seeking this kind of information (and seeking it quickly) have leveraged our Account Maps (see a sample map here). Because we’ve worked with sales and marketing professionals for almost two decades, we know exactly how you work – so these maps drill down to provide only the most critical sales intelligence your team needs to quickly assess and strategize a plan of attack for target accounts.

The maps give you everything from email and phone numbers for key contacts to insight into the company’s current tech stack. (And they’re validated quarterly so that you know you’re getting accurate, current information.) It’s the quickest, simplest way for your team to get access to the information that matters most.

Proactive, Prepared and Poised for Success

Transition times are a huge opportunity for marketing to prove their value (and win some goodwill with the sales team). My advice: the proactive approach works – it sets a strong foundation for success and gives everyone an advantage going into a new year.

Does your team make creative use of transition times? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! (And in the meantime, if you’d like to know more about Account Maps, check out this overview or contact our team today.)

Jessica Pilat

Jessica Pilat

Vice President of Marketing

I lead BAO’s go-to-market strategy, including our own demand generation. It’s fun marketing to marketers and sales people because I understand their challenges and needs. And, yes, I’m also a BAO Client!

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