Destination Pipeline: Increase At-Bats

January 30, 2018
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Destination Pipeline is where leads are maximized, new sales reps are productive and your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs make a difference. In this 5-part blog series we’ll explore key tactics that can help you achieve your pipeline goals in 2018. Increase At-Bats & Get New Reps Closing by Spring

BAO’s high-tech clients are successfully investing in their new rep performance. Roger Zacapa, Director of Inside Sales at Castlight Health, said about a recent engagement with BAO, 

“We identified some of our brand-new region sales managers who could use an extra shot in the arm to get started – the additional BAO meetings allowed them to really quickly get more at-bats, more time to practice their pitches and, ultimately, more pipeline.”

It takes six to twelve months to get a new sales rep fully ramped up, productive and meeting their quota. In fact, on-boarding time for a new rep typically looks like this:

[SALES CYCLE] + 90 days = ramp-time.

That’s a long time to have a valuable resource operating below peak efficiency – one you’d likely rather not afford.Good news, there is a way to get your new hires more at-bats and cut their ramp-up time in half.

Fast Ramp is BAO’s quick-start program that provides real-time account intelligence on, and immediate access to, the hottest targets in a new seller’s territory.

BAO’s Fast Ramp service arms your new reps with:

  • Customized, real-time, account-level intelligence on 100 of their top target accounts
  • Face-to-face access to the decision-makers in charge of the 20 strongest opportunities 

Instead of spinning their wheels with cold calling and empty prospecting, your new reps will be selling into real deals. Fast Ramp lets them walk into a primed territory – qualified and segmented – on day one.

Make pipeline your destination in 2018. Fill out the form below to learn more. 

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