Selling to State and Local Government: Tips From the COO of BAO

Posted by Nick Slipp, Director of Marketing February 2, 2011
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It should come as no surprise – you’ve got to prioritize.Public Sector Icon

State and local governments are projected to spend $75 billion in 2011. How can your organization get its share? According to Mike, “It’s critical to prioritize resources – time, financial and human – and then apply them in a way that maximizes your efficiency and success.

“It’s a large and fragmented market, and the economic recovery is highly inconsistent among each entity – to be effective, you need to triage and focus,” Mike says. “Identify the big opportunities and go after them. Pick and choose your battles.”

And once you’ve got an attack plan for nailing the biggest and best deals, Mike recommends leveraging partners and other local “feet on the street” resources to determine the value of the rest.

Speak their language

Marketing to the Public Sector the same way you market to Enterprise accounts is a huge mistake. If you go into a sale assuming that the Public Sector has the same needs, buying cycles and budgetary processes as your corporate prospects, it will be frustrating at best – and a failure at worst.

Do your homework. Mike says, “You have to know their language – it gives you credibility. Learn the procurement rules. Get on the right contracts so that they can buy from you without issue. Make it easy.”


And now, a success story. Mike tells us that, recently, a major player in the storage and data management solutions space deployed BAO to run an Appointment Setting program on the state and local government level. During a phone call with a prospect in California, the BAO rep found out that the prospect was literally at the fax machine, about to fax an order to the Client’s competitor. The BAO rep convinced the prospect to hold off and take a meeting with the Client. Long story short? The Client got the sale.

In the right place, at the right time, saying the right things – that’s the BAO way.

Nick Slipp

Nick Slipp

Director of Marketing

As a marketing director at BAO, I wear many hats. I believe segmentation leads to success and in blending the old and new of outbound and inbound. The best thing about marketing to marketers & sellers is the ability to relate to my target audience.

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