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What Does it Take to Set 6,000 Appointments? A Q&A with BAO's Robbie Gonsalves

January 29, 2020
Category: Blog Post
Master Inside Sales Rep Robbie Gonsalves recently achieved a big milestone when he secured his 6,000th appointment.
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Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Three Strategy Options

January 6, 2020
Category: White Papers
In this research brief, SiriusDecisions describes the three ABM strategy options, including when each works best, their primary focus, as well as detailed resource considerations.
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Read This Before You Plan Your Sales Kickoff for 2020

December 20, 2019
Category: Blog Post
Sales kickoff is one of the most important events for any B2B sales and marketing organization. It’s where you set the tone and the strategy for achieving your goals for the year.
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BAO Trend Report: Field Sales’ Perspective on Inside Sales and Marketing

December 9, 2019
Category: Trend Reports
Field sales reps are on the front line of driving revenue. BAO recently conducted a research study of 197 field sales reps at high-tech companies to understand how marketing and inside sales are doing at supporting revenue generation efforts.
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How BAO's OppID Helped Interana Find the Perfect Prospects

September 23, 2019
Category: Case Studies
Interana knew what characteristics made for qualified leads. But the information necessary to identify those accounts isn’t something you can get from the usual data sources. Now, with OppID™ they know exactly which companies fit the bill.
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The Problem With Sales Discovery

September 9, 2019
Category: Blog Post
Most companies know their sweet spot — companies who have a certain competitor in place within 12 months of contract renewal date, or particular technology stack configuration — but it’s not easy to find those opportunities with the data at hand.
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B2B Buyer Behavior Is Changing—Again

August 21, 2019
Category: Blog Post
The DemandGen Report's 2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report states, “Having the right content and resources is helping reps have deeper conversations earlier in the purchase journey.”
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BAO Advanced Demand Generation (ADG)

July 16, 2019
Category: Service Overviews
Pinpoint exactly which companies in your target audience meet your unique criteria—and then get face time with decision-makers within those accounts.
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The People Behind a Successful Sales Process

July 8, 2019
Category: Blog Post
As the appointment setting leader, people are at the heart of everything we do. As such, we'd like to introduce just a few of the professional, skilled, and persistent individuals who deliver results for clients.
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There’s One Thing Intent and Predictive Algorithms Will Never Be Able to Do

June 27, 2019
Category: Blog Post
There are a lot of data-driven, algorithm-fueled approaches today for trying to figure out who’s in the market for your solutions. But there’s another way to get valuable information about what prospects need. You ask them.
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