BAO’s Clients

BAO’s Business Development teams work with High Tech’s best & brightest sales and marketing people.

BAO Character

BAO supports 2,000+ field salespeople at 150+ clients.

Through these partnerships, you will play a critical role in developing sales pipeline for companies like SAP, Anaplan and RingCentral. From Information Security to HR Tech, you are guaranteed valuable experience in multiple technology sectors, building a solid foundation in tech sales that will benefit your career for many years to come.

BAO Informal Training

"Working with BAO has not only given me access to the resources and expertise that we needed to move quickly, but also to a group as invested in SkillSurvey’s success as I am. I consult with BAO regularly on best practices and I view them as an extension of my team. In fact, I have BAO on my org chart because that integration is so important to me.”

- BAO client, Michelle Reed, CMO, SkillSurvey

BAO Success

“The ROI for this partnership is huge – how many calls/trips would it take for me to get in with these decision-makers on my own? Leibe is determined to get them for me – I love that. As a guy in the field carrying the bag there are a lot of expectations on me, but not a lot of time. Having Leibe there to back me up is great for my productivity.

She’s a professional ISR and has a good sense for the clientele – and she has access to BAO’s amazing database, so I benefit from her expertise and access there. And it allows me to work smarter, not harder – she gets me in front of the right people faster."

- Todd Cernetic, Regional Sales Manager at BAO client Fidelis, speaking about his BAO ISR