The BAO Training Academy

When you join BAO, you’re part of a powerful business development team with a long track record of high performance. And as a member of our team, we invest in your growth from day one.

Training Academy 1

With 20+ years of experience in sales development, BAO created The BAO Training Academy. This unique program is designed to ensure your success for many years to come.

Training Academy 2

BAO is committed to Learning & Development- building and growing sales professionals is the cornerstone of our company. The BAO Training Academy is dedicated to fast-tracking your sales career by providing a practical and insightful program rich in both corporate learning and on-the-job experience.

In total, the BAO Training Academy provides 150+ unique inside sales courses that begin in a focused classroom environment, then migrate to on-site one-on-one coaching and job shadowing sessions. The core curriculum of The BAO Training Academy continues over six months, with advanced courses offered on an ongoing basis for 12, 18, 24 months and beyond.

This comprehensive six-month program teaches you the ins and outs of prospecting, including courses that cover:

  • Line of Business Selling
  • The Fortune 1000 Technology Stack
  • Time Management
  • Successful Partnerships with Field Reps
  • Psychology and Attitude
  • Objection Handling

The BAO Training Academy provides you with the training, support and inside tips to succeed at BAO, and build a great foundation for a long, prosperous sales career.

Jackson Smith
“The BAO training is extensive and thorough, and very helpful to be honest. I've only been here for two and a half months but what I've learned will help me along in life, just tenfold. Now I understand why people really bite at the training here because you learn things I don't believe you could learn at any other company.”

Jackson Smith, BAO ISR

Bobby Jones
“If you’re a young professional, and you don't have much sales experience, we're going to show you exactly what it takes to be a successful inside sales person. The BAO Training Academy is a great support system where you have eight months of nonstop, hands on training that you can take anywhere. I'd say for anybody who's just starting out in their sales career; come here, come learn our style, and get hands on training with our team. You can take that skill set anywhere you need to go.”

Bobby Jones, Manager of Learning & Development