Inside Sales for Me

If you’re great at making introductions, we want to introduce you to a few people. Starting with our inside sales team.

When you come to work at BAO as an Inside Sales Representative (ISR), we can promise you a few things. We can promise the people you work with will never be boring. We can guarantee that you’ll learn a lot. And we definitely can assure you that when you succeed—and we work to make sure that you do—there is a whole team behind you cheering you on. Because the only thing we love more than success is celebrating it.

It probably doesn’t sound like your typical sales environment, and we like it that way. Ours is an intense, high-volume sales environment wrapped in a collaborative culture in which we succeed for the client and for ourselves. It’s a formula that has helped our ISRs increase their earnings by a high percentage year over year.

If this sounds like you, then there are few things you’ll want to know about life behind the scenes here.

A Day in the Life of an ISR

When it comes to any job, how you spend your time is really what it all comes down to when deciding if the position is right for you. As an Inside Sales Representative (ISR) at BAO, you’ll work on behalf of specific clients on a dedicated basis, building true partnerships. By using target lists and viewing the calendar availabilities of his/her client representatives, BAO ISRs spend their days doing the following:

  • Dialing the phone up to 200 times per day
  • Working within BAO’s database to identify targets to call
  • Navigating organizations to find people to talk to
  • Having conversations with the wrong people to find the right ones
  • Understanding and delivering the message of our high-tech Clients
  • Writing detailed notes about the upcoming meeting
  • Confirming or rescheduling meetings to ensure that each meeting takes place
  • Talking with Client reps about the meetings and their calendar
  • Developing relationships with Client reps and becoming a true partner
  • Speaking with high-level executives about the value proposition of the Clients’ solution – and then closing that executive on a date and time to meet with the Client rep

Meet and Greet our ISRs

No one can tell the story of what it means to work at BAO better than our ISRs themselves.

“Staying true to myself”

Dave Losier

Number of meetings booked: 6,000—Our highest number to date.

Most memorable moment at BAO: I definitely can’t name just one. There was the time we hit the 100,000 meeting mark, and I happened to be the one who hit it with one of my calls. We all celebrated with champagne and cake. Then when I hit the 6,000 meeting mark, our highest number to date, my whole team gave me a banner that everyone signed, a gift card and even dropped balloons from the ceiling. But by far, the most memorable moment was meeting my wife who works at BAO. It’s an understatement to say that this place changed my life. It gave me a life I couldn’t have imagined possible.

His secret to success at BAO: Being myself and being confident in myself. I know my strengths – I’m a salesman at heart. I like to talk and connect with people. This can be a tough job. And we get a lot of training on best practices and techniques. But I’ve found that if you take that knowledge and make it your own – apply it in a way that fits your personality and style – you’ll be far more successful. I’ve been doing this for 13 years and I’m still really good at what I do. I attribute that to staying true to myself.

“Freaking awesome”

Alex Boggs

Number of meetings booked: Just over 5,000 meetings in ten years

What makes it fun: It sounds cliché, but it’s the people. The people here motivate me to do better.

His secret to success at BAO: We’re always driven to succeed on behalf of our clients. But with one meeting I was trying to book, I was competing with Carlo Totilo on behalf of a client that is one of the world’s leading storage vendors. To say Carlo and I are competitive is an understatement, so when I booked the meeting, it felt really good to win. And when Derek Gray, VP of Client Services at BAO, announced the sale to the company, saying it was “freaking awesome,” I was having a pretty great day at work. These are the things that make me love my job and appreciate that I get to come to work at BAO every day.

“We know how to have fun.”

Carlo Totilo

Nickname: The Godfather

Number of meetings booked: 4,500 in 6.5 years at BAO

How do we celebrate: There are a lot of weird words that come out of the cubes in celebration, made up words. Somebody walking by might not get it, but we get it. You have to have fun with this job. People do zany things and we encourage it, because the job can be tough.

His secret to success at BAO: A lot of it has to do with work ethic. We have a lot of people that come from a lot of different walks of life here, and the most successful ones are the people who are reaching out to others—asking for help as opposed to waiting for their managers to step in. You need to have the passion to dial the phone 150-plus times a day. There’s a real serious environment here, but at the same time, it’s fun. When it’s time to work, we work. When it’s time to blow off steam, we blow off steam.

Key stats for ISRs who worked a full year in 2017

Top 13%
Next 13%
Next 14%
Average Earnings
Average Tenure
Average Lifetime Meetings

What’s it like to work with BAO? We’ll let a client and his ISR partner tell it in their own words.

Jim Hayes, AppSense and Andrew Frongillo, BAO ISR

How did you start working with BAO?

Jim—I was new to AppSense and this was a relatively untapped territory. Andy enabled me to build direct pipeline so I could start contributing dollars into the system and generate activity in the territory.

Andrew—We were able to get Jim into some opportunities and start generating early-stage pipeline. For example, I was able to get to the VP of IT at a key target that was in the midst of a major IT infrastructure migration. They were hoping to get it done in 2013 but weren’t sure. I was able to uncover a mobility angle, which is a play for AppSense, to get the meeting. From there, Jim was able to have a good meeting with next steps.

Why do you have such a good working relationship?

Jim—I always remember Andy isn’t a call service or administrator. He is my business partner. What makes our relationship work is constant contact. Andy and I speak several times per week. He and I work together to target accounts and figure out the best way to approach them. Instead of giving Andy one list at the beginning of the relationship and not ever revisiting it, we come up with new pitches to keep it fresh so that it continues to feel like new ground and fertile turf for both of us.

Andrew—It’s a personal relationship and that’s part of what makes it so successful. I know about his kids and which vacations he’s going on. He asks about my dog and when my band has shows. When you really engage and get to know the people you’re working with, you build a level of respect for each other that inspires you to help each other out. Any ISR will tell you that the reps you are more successful with are always the ones where you have that personal touch.

When you come here, you’re part of a team. And as a member of our team, we want to make sure you succeed. The BAO Academy is just one of the ways we do that.

This comprehensive 8-month program for inside sales teaches our representatives things like:

With so many of our people coming from many different walks of life, BAO Academy is just one of the ways we set our people up to win. By giving them the tools, training and inside tips to go a great job, our ISRs see great results.

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