BAO Trend Report: Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

June 15, 2017
Category: Trend Reports

BAO recently surveyed 289 B2B technology companies about Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to understand how ABM is being planned and practiced today, particularly in the areas of account selection and target account insights. Among the key trends:

60% of organizations are targeting 50+ accounts and only 12% say they have all the account intelligence they need.

Account-based Marketing Trend Report

The BAO Account-Based Marketing Trend Report presents the complete findings and insights into how ABM is evolving, including a look at:

  • The number of organizations marketers are targeting with ABM.
  • How organizations are selecting their ABM targets.
  • The types of account insights organizations are collecting for ABM as well as the insights they’d most like to obtain. 
  • The ABM approach(s) marketers are practicing or planning to practice.
  • The goals marketers have for ABM, as well as the challenges they’re encountering.