BAO Trend Report: HR Technology

June 16, 2017
Category: Trend Reports

According to SHRM, “HR technology is undergoing one of the most disruptive periods it has seen in a decade.” That means if you sell HR tech, you need actionable information about your market so you can find active opportunities and address your prospects’ challenges and objectives. That’s why BAO recently conducted a research study of enterprise organizations ($999M+ in revenue) to understand what the HR tech market looks like right now. Among the key trends we uncovered:

  • 66% of companies are using human capital management (HCM) systems today, either on its own or together with a talent management system (TMS).
  • 89% of companies include Lines of Business other than HR when selecting new technologies.
  • 37% of companies are struggling with HR analytics.

BA HR Technology Trend Report

The BAO HR Technology Trend Report presents the complete findings of the study, and delivers actionable insights, including:

  • The breakdown of which types of HR technologies companies are using
  • Current challenges organizations’ are experiencing with their respective HR technology
  • HR buying cycles and decision-making processes for eLearning, HR Analytics, HCM and Talent Management
  • The impact of the gig economy
  • A look at how HR tech budgets are changing during this disruptive period

The report also includes a current market snapshot with profiles of 10 companies that are currently buying HR technology.