Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) Service Overview

January 9, 2012

Driving new revenue. Increasing the profitability of existing accounts. Optimizing sales and marketing operations. Beating the competition.

BAO’s Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) service delivers actionable market intelligence that no one else can – and the resources that will turn that intelligence into real pipeline. BAO Advanced Demand Generation Overview

It's Time For a New Approach

The traditional approach is for marketing to drive campaigns into the market based on demographics. But the reality is that broad targeting creates inefficiencies and rarely produces the desired pipeline opportunities and revenue. There’s a better way. Market definition needs to come before demand generation. 

A market-driven approach gathers intelligence to determine account-by-account needs and then strategically applies resources based on likelihood to buy and revenue potential. Even before you begin your lead generation efforts, you can define your market and understand the opportunity landscape in real time. ADG does just that, giving organizations the ability to go to market strategically by isolating accounts with the highest proclivity to buy based on market need.

ADG provides organizations with the real-time insight, tools, and resources they need to transform their businesses by driving new revenue and increasing the profitability of existing accounts. How? BAO’s expert team talks directly to the companies you want to target to identify their buying behaviors, short- and long-term purchasing plans, the influencers and decision-makers involved, and which criteria will affect their decisions. In fact, we deliver a true blueprint for attacking your market.

How Can ADG Drive Your Go-to-Market Strategy?

Optimize territories and sales planning.

  • ADG gives you the power to plan, strategize, and staff around opportunities – and the insight you need to determine how to best apply your resources. An optimized sales team means renewed focus – on priority accounts as well as new business opportunities.  

Increase organizational and sales productivity.

  • ADG delivers a complete blueprint of your target market, down to the individual company level. You get the necessary insight to focus on high-value targets and opportunities, nurture longer-term prospects, and de-prioritize those with no potential.

Create more targeted, higher quality marketing programs.

  • ADG arms you with a real-time, segmented view of your target market so every campaign that goes out the door will reach true prospects – people who are serious about purchasing a solution like yours in organizations that meet your infrastructure, timeline, and budget criteria. ADG allows you to craft highly targeted, one-to-one messages that position your solution’s relevant strengths against competitors’ weaknesses.

How it Works

  1. First, we assess market needs. BAO profiles your target market in real time to identify who’s buying, what their current challenges are, and how quickly they want to move. We also identify how your solution fits into their plans, including the make-up of their current IT infrastructure and which competitive products are installed. 
  2. Then we score and segment to highlight priority accounts. You get a detailed blueprint of buyers with budgeted initiatives, key accounts with exposed pains and challenges who are dissatisfied with current solutions, and disqualified accounts with no active initiatives. You’ll know exactly what’s going on inside every account even before your first meeting. 
  3. And then we quickly get you in front of the real buyers and key accounts by scheduling face-to-face meetings with the people holding the purchasing power. 

The Strategic Applications are Limitless

Once you have the level of market intelligence that comes out of an ADG engagement, you’ll find that the strategic applications are limitless – from both sales and marketing perspectives.

Attack new or under-performing markets and verticals.

  • Extend reach into new and untapped markets fast. Our ADG service gives you the intelligence and resources necessary for planning an effective go-to-market strategy, even in uncharted territory.

Isolate and target competitive displacement opportunities.

  • We help you develop strategies for beating competitors – and hitting them where it hurts. With ADG, you have the power to uncover competitive footprints down to the tiniest detail and then use that market intelligence to deploy attack plans that pinpoint displacement opportunities.

Position your solution to solve real pains and challenges in the market.

  • The insight gathered by BAO provides specific details about your prospects’ pains, challenges, and needs, enabling you to deliver exactly the right message at the right time to win the deal.

Strategically apply resources to the right accounts – at the right time.

  • When you have the right teams prioritizing the right opportunities at the right time, your business will run more productively – and more profitably. Sales reps can focus on what they do best: closing deals. And marketing nurtures those who aren’t yet ready to buy