Opportunity Identification (OppID™) Service Overview

January 13, 2012

Get the actionable intelligence about your target market that no one else can deliver – and get it fast – to focus your resources, optimize territories, and better align sales and marketing. It’s the insight you need to uncover real deals, right now.

With Opportunity Identification (OppID™), BAO takes on the heavy lifting required to research and navigate your target accounts and then provides you with insight into who’s buying, what they are buying, and when. Opportunity Identification Overview

Segment Your Target Market Based on Factors That Really Matter

Imagine knowing who’s actively looking for a solution like yours – right now – and the details of their purchasing criteria. Now imagine the impact that newfound visibility would have on your ability to generate pipeline and revenue. BAO’s Opportunity Identification services give you that actionable intelligence – and you simply can’t get it anywhere else. It’s insight you need to understand the opportunity landscape of your target market – and isolate the prospects that meet your infrastructure, timeline, and budget criteria – in real time so you can focus your sales resources on real revenue potential.

There are a lot of technology buyers out there but navigating the complex landscape of IT environments, procurement processes, and lengthening sales cycles can be challenging. You need to optimize your sales territories to focus on what matters most – opportunities. That means you need to know who’s looking to purchase a solution like yours today. And you need to find those opportunities fast, before the competition gets there. You need access to the right people influencing and making the decisions. And you need to deliver the right message to seal the deal. In short, you need a laser-like focus on the real deals happening now, the ability to nurture opportunities likely to emerge, and the confidence to pass on accounts with no pipeline potential.

How It Works

We work with you to define the list of accounts you want to target and then develop a custom profile designed to capture specific account-by-account intelligence that’s relevant to your business. Then we go to work, calling into the organizations, interviewing influencers and decision-makers and, ultimately, delivering you a real-time, segmented view of your market. And it’s fast. You get this critical insight in days or weeks, not months.

A Roadmap to Revenue Based on Market Intelligence

BAO’s Opportunity Identification services go beyond simply identifying active initiatives. We provide you with actionable intelligence about your prospects, including insight into the current state of their IT infrastructure, the pains and challenges they are experiencing, the competitive products that are installed, and who will influence and own the deal. It’s insight that enables you to strategically tailor marketing efforts to unique segments, increasing your ability to win deals.

Focus Your Resources On Real Prospects With Real Revenue Potential.

  • Stop chasing bad deals. With real-time insight into what your market really wants and how your solution fits, you’re able to focus on accounts with the highest proclivity to buy, enabling you to strategically align valuable resources to increase productivity.

Optimize Territories And Streamline Sales Planning.

  • By increasing visibility into your market’s purchasing behaviors, you’re able to optimize territories and focus operations. You can prioritize accounts with the greatest revenue potential and de-emphasize accounts which aren’t yet “sales ready” or are a bad fit. You can build territories around what’s truly relevant: likelihood to buy.

Isolate Competitive Displacement Opportunities.

  • With real-time knowledge about which competitors your prospects are using – and the specific pains and challenges your prospects are experiencing – you can approach deals with strategies and messaging that give you the edge to displace the competition.

Tailor Marketing Campaigns More Effectively.

  • An account-by-account blueprint of your target market delivers the intelligence you need to craft and execute custom campaigns designed to reach prospects with the unique messages that will hit home – and drive sales – every time. Let your prospects tell you what challenges they’re experiencing and use that intelligence to go to market armed with effective near-term attack strategies and long-term nurturing plays.

Insight You Simply Cannot Get Anywhere Else - Fast

There’s a reason why our Clients keep coming back quarter after quarter – they know we can find the deals. BAO’s highly seasoned market research specialists have a long and very successful track record of accessing even the most difficult-to-penetrate accounts and quickly capturing the information you need to identify and prioritize sales opportunities today.