Contact Validation Service Overview

January 4, 2012

Real-time contact validation and discovery — just one more way that BAO provides you with custom, account data to drive go-to-market strategy

Contact Validation OverviewYour contact database is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. It’s the starting point for all of your sales and marketing communications – a hard-earned collection of people in your target audience acquired through various sources like online databases, list rental companies and manual additions to your CRM.

But in today’s ever-changing market, that data can get old very quickly. It’s a challenge to keep current with shifting org charts – who’s been promoted, who’s left the company, who’s taken on a different role and who’s the point person for ongoing opportunities.

In order to keep pace with your pipeline goals, you need to not only validate your contact lists, but also actively uncover new, relevant contacts.

That’s where BAO comes in. With BAO’s Contact Validation service, you have instant access to a dedicated team ready to both vet the information in your existing database and steadily build out your list with fresh, new contacts from your target companies.

The BAO Difference

Some data vendors will sell you a one-off list or database – an aged, point-in-time snapshot of what your target companies looked like on a particular day. BAO raises the bar on accuracy. Our experienced Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) hit the phones with the goal of live-validating the information you’re seeking.

We know how to navigate your target accounts for unmatched contact validation and discovery.

Getting started is easy. You simply provide us with existing lists or tell us who you want to reach. In both scenarios, BAO takes on the heavy lifting, live-validating everything by phone. We can tailor contact discovery to your specific criteria to find the “needle in the haystack” that you’re targeting – by vertical markets, titles, company sizes or functional responsibility. We’ll even do the mining to get you the names and contact information for individuals overseeing specific technology projects.

Our ISRs make an average of 175 calls daily – and leverage our unrivaled database of nearly 2 million contact names across more than 180,000 companies and public sector organizations – to ensure that you’re conveying the right message to the right people at the right time.

Our goal is to provide you with a confirmed, vetted list of the decision-makers who will bring you opportunity and drive your business.

How Will You Use BAO Contact Validation?

The intelligence that comes out of a BAO Contact Validation program can be applied across both your marketing and sales organizations.

Create better, stronger campaigns

  • Ongoing access to a fresh, real-time database enables you to develop more successful, highly targeted marketing campaigns that consistently put you in front of the right contacts – and closer to the opportunities.

Make the most of your marketing spend

  • If you’re running high-touch, high-value direct mail campaigns or in-person events, you can’t afford to have invalid contacts on your list. Maximize your investment and get your message and materials to the right people in the right place at the right time – without chasing bad contacts.