Public Sector Practice Overview

January 2, 2012

When selling to the Public Sector, timing is everything.

You have to know when contracts are being negotiated, when new IT initiatives are being rolled out, when expanded budgets have been approved and when buying decisions are being made. The opportunities are out there — but you can’t capitalize on them if you don’t know how to locate them or maximize them. BAO Public Sector Overview

Creating viable opportunities in this market requires a unique approach – one that’s as unique as each and every organization: unique to their policies, their contracts, their IT initiatives, their constituents and their budget. But that’s a lot of heavy lifting for the specialized, expensive sales reps that are already working hard to navigate and succeed in this complex, bureaucratic market.

That’s where BAO comes in.

BAO’s Public Sector Practice: Providing Experience, Access and Custom, Account-level Intelligence

At BAO, we have the knowledge, contacts, and track record to help you maximize revenue from key Public Sector accounts.

The experienced, highly trained reps in our dedicated Public Sector practice work the phones every day, speaking with decision makers at top government and educational institutions to achieve one goal – uncovering opportunity. It’s how we get Clients into deals they would have otherwise missed. And it’s why so many leading high-tech and services companies rely on us to expand their Public Sector footprint.

We maintain an extensive, real-time database of organizations and contacts that includes decision makers in the Federal government, state and local organizations, K-12 and higher education.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the Public Sector. We know the market. We know the players. We know how to get you in front of them – fast.

The granular, account-by-account insight gathered by our team – who’s buying, when they’re buying, what they’re buying and why they’re buying – provides a detailed blueprint for going to market in the Public Sector and ensures that your team isn’t chasing the wrong opportunities, spinning their wheels with cold calls instead of nurturing and signing deals. And with the BAO Intelligence Center, this insight becomes portable and accessible 24/7. Available via an app on the iPad® or desktops using Internet Explorer, the Intelligence Center allows you to consume and share visual data immediately.

BAO Services for Succeeding in the Public Sector

If you’re serious about driving revenue within the Public Sector, we have the right services for you.

Advanced Demand Generation (ADG)

Advanced Demand Generation provides invaluable market intelligence to guide your go-to-market strategy. BAO’s expert team talks directly to the companies you want to target to identify their buying behaviors, shortand long-term purchasing plans, the influencers and decision makers involved, and which criteria will affect their decisions. And then we get you in front of those decision makers, ensuring that you’re at the table for each and every deal going down in your space.

Opportunity Identification

BAO’s Opportunity Identification services take on the heavy lifting required to research and navigate target accounts – allowing you to focus sales and marketing efforts on accounts that matter most to your bottom line. We work with you to define the list of accounts you want to
target and then develop a custom profile designed to capture specific account-by-account intelligence that’s relevant to your business. Then we immediately go to work, calling into the organizations, interviewing influencers and decision makers and, ultimately, delivering you a realtime, segmented view of your market.

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting is where we started and we’re still the best in the business. More than 55 percent of our secured meetings are converted into pipeline opportunities – translating to $3.6 billion annually for our Clients. That’s the best success rate in the industry – by a large margin – and a big part of why Clients turn to BAO.

Lead Qualification

BAO Lead Qualification allows you to confidently hand off the “heavy lifting” of qualifying leads. With a team making hundreds of calls daily, we have the expertise, infrastructure and resources to execute real-time follow-up with all of your leads, inquiries and suspects – giving you insight into which ones meet your sales qualification criteria and hold a potential opportunity, which ones should be returned to marketing for ongoing nurturing and which ones should be removed from the database.

Contact Validation

With BAO’s Contact Validation service, you gain access to a dedicated team equipped to live-validate – by phone – the information in your current database while steadily building out your list with fresh, new contacts from your target companies. Our goal is to provide you with
a confirmed, vetted list of the decision-makers who will bring you opportunity and drive your business – enabling you to create highly targeted campaigns and maximize your organization’s
marketing investment.