BAO Public Sector Podcasts

February 2, 2012
Category: Webinars

Mike Farrell, Chief Operating Officer at BAO, sat down with Mark Amtower – a nationally known consultant, speaker, author, and radio host who is known as "the Godfather of government marketing" – for a series of podcasts that focus on effective strategies for selling into the Public Sector. Register at right to access these brief-but-very-informative audio sessions that download in one MP3 file.

  • Session 1: Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Into the Public Sector

As one of the foremost experts in selling to the government, Mark fields a lot of questions. In this session, he and Mike talk you through which ones are most important to answer.

  • Session 2: Challenges in Selling to the Public Sector

In their decades of experience, Mark and Mike have navigated plenty of challenging situations – both common and uncommon. In this session, they discuss how to best strategize around those challenges in order to be successful.

  • Session 3: Secrets to Success in Selling to the Public Sector

In this session, Mark and Mike share the secrets for success in selling to the government – the must-haves, the unwritten rules and unusual approaches that have worked for them.