The BAO Mid Market Buying Guide

August 4, 2014
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BAO Mid Market Buying Guide

  • 74% of budgeted initiatives in the upper mid market are in 23% of the companies.
  • 26% of upper mid market companies have an annual IT budget >$11 million.

The BAO Mid Market Buying Guide takes a deep dive into the upper mid market, delivering valuable insights based on real, account-level intelligence. 

Developed with market research performed exclusively by BAO to uncover tech spending trends and identify IT opportunities, this guide goes beyond statistics – we break down what it really means and how you can use this data to improve your sales productivity and fill your pipeline. The guide delivers important stats and insights, including:

  • IT budget trends
  • The top IT initiatives
  • Technology trends for strategic IT initiatives (including cloud), storage, and software applications
  • Industry trends
  • Geographic trends