Account Maps Overview

March 23, 2015

BAO Account Maps: straightforward, strategic snapshots of your most critical accounts that enable inside sales, outside sales, marketing and beyond.

BAO Account Maps are salesforce-enablement tools designed to speed time to revenue. They facilitate collaboration to help sales and marketing teams create actionable account plans, strategize targeted call campaigns and develop account-based marketing programs – all grounded in market realities. BAO Account Maps

For nearly 20 years, BAO has provided the industry’s best account and market intelligence – getting Clients access to and insight into the companies and contacts that can make a positive impact on their bottom line. Our unmatched reach into Clients’ target accounts has enabled us not just to build an unrivaled database – including more than 2 million validated IT and line-of-business contacts – but also to derive intelligence about what these companies look like on the inside. And now, we’re delivering that information to our Clients – with BAO Account Maps.

What Sets BAO Account Maps Apart?

Exceptional Quality.

We’ve worked with sales and marketing professionals for almost two decades – we know what you need and how you work. That’s why BAO Account Maps drill down into the critical information your team can use to quickly assess and strategize a plan of attack for individual accounts – answering the questions of “who,” “what” and “where” to provide unmatched insight and a distinct advantage over the competition – without adding in a lot of “filler.”

Account Maps are a natural extension of BAO’s suite of demand generation offerings – and reflect the same standards of quality, commitment and value. Accuracy and access are the hallmarks of the BAO database. Email and all relevant contact details are validated by phone regularly. Each BAO Account Map – refreshed quarterly and date-stamped accordingly so you can be sure that you’re always working with live, real-time data – includes:

  • Corporate structure
  • Insight into current technology and data center environment
  • Divisional hierarchies and profiles
  • Recent news and links of note
  • Financial information (for public companies)
  • 60-75 key IT and line-of-business contacts (including name, title, email, direct dials and LinkedIn profile)
  • A .csv file of all contacts for quick and easy upload/integration with CRM and marketing automation solutions (e.g.,, Marketo, etc.)

This isn’t just “information” – it’s intelligence gathered from our daily contact with key players in IT and individual lines of business at your target organizations. Other solutions on the market are “reports” – static data with no real way to validate quality or currency. A BAO Account Map is truly that – a map for effectively navigating the organization and its purchasing cycles.

Easy to Use – for Sales and Marketing.

Account Maps provide actionable data that can quickly be leveraged for account-based sales and marketing campaigns. They are sales-ready, straightforward, simple to use, easy to share – and ideal for use in day-to-day inside/outside sales and marketing initiatives.

Account Maps are provided in PDF format for easy sharing – both electronically and in hard copy. They can easily be attached to the relevant account in so that everyone – including new reps – has access to the same data. And, in addition to high-level account information, each map provides easy access to key contacts – links to LinkedIn profiles facilitate quick networking and social selling opportunities while the companion .csv file of all contacts makes it simple to instantly upload, tag and segment the data for targeted digital marketing campaigns

Available Now.

BAO currently offers a library of more than 200 profiles across industries including airlines, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, insurance, health care, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and more. The full list is available here.

Don’t see your target company on the list? We’re continuously expanding the library. If you’re seeking a map for a company not currently on the list, please contact your BAO representative for more information.

Pricing and Delivery

For information about pricing and package options, contact your BAO rep or send us an email at

Once you’ve selected the maps that you’d like to purchase, your BAO rep will have them immediately delivered via email in PDF format. Each map will also be accompanied by a .csv file of all contacts to simplify integration with CRM and marketing automation systems. Learn more at