Contact Validation Simply the Right People.

Your contact database is one of your most valuable assets. It is the launch point for all your sales and marketing communications. If your information is out-of-date (a very real possibility in today’s ever-changing market) or incomplete, you could be wasting marketing dollars and missing out on conversations with the people who can drive your business.

Online databases and list vendors are rarely a reliable source for accurate, real-time information. Their information is often an aged, point-in-time snapshot of what a company looked like on a particular day.

We believe in live-validating everything - by phone.

You need to know what your target companies look like today, and you need to be able to ferret out the people you really need to talk to based on their real-world responsibilities, not just the titles on their business cards. We’ll proactively find you “the person in charge of mobile initiatives” or the IT leader “responsible for big data initiatives” so you can talk to the people most in-line with your solutions.

What It Is. How It Works.

"BAO’s Contact Validation service makes sure we are going far, deep and wide into the accounts that matter to us. BAO digs in and mines our named accounts to find each potential buyer and influencer for us. Most recently, they were able to find 60 Line of Business contacts for us in just 13 accounts. Our Business Development team is better enabled with BAO contacts and our programs are more effective when they’re focused on the right people."

Katie Riley, Director, Business Development and Marketing, ASI System Integration Inc.

Live phone validation to ensure fresh, accurate contacts for your sales and marketing teams. The process is simple:

  • You identify your targets: You can provide us with an existing list or tell us which markets or companies you want to reach. Each Contact Validation engagement is customized to your specific sales and marketing needs.
  • We do the heavy lifting: Our dedicated team of experienced sales professionals live-validates contact information by phone. On average, each of our Market Research Specialists (MRS) makes 175+ calls per day. Combine that volume with our unrivaled database of nearly two million contacts across more than 180,000 companies and public sector organizations, and you’ve got an unbeatable solution.
  • You get the contacts you need to grow your business: We not only find the “needle in a haystack” contacts you want, we can segment the data by vertical markets, titles, or company size. Most importantly, we even do the mining to find contacts by functional responsibility.

Our Contact Validation process ensures that you are not only validating existing contacts on an ongoing basis, but also proactively uncovering new contacts. We make sure that you know when someone has been promoted, left the company, or taken on an expanded role.

Why It Matters

  • All programs and campaigns are exponentially more successful when directed at the right people.
  • Give your team the most up-to-date list of confirmed, vetted IT and line of business decision makers.
  • Increase sales productivity by ensuring that your team is always pursuing the right contacts.
  • Maximize your return on high-touch, high-value direct mail campaigns and in-person events.
  • Avoid wasting marketing dollars chasing out-of-date contacts.