Some people say it’s what you know.
Others say it’s who you know.
You know better.

We help you bring it all together, from strategy to execution.

The what, the who, your people, our people, the vision, and the plan. We provide the answers and solutions you need to stay three steps ahead of the competition.

There is no one thing that will make or break you.

All the pieces succeed or fail together.

It would be simpler if there was one go-to-market plan or demand generation tactic that could single-handedly put your sales productivity and success rate through the roof. But your sales and marketing efforts comprise a complex business ecosystem that only thrives when all the elements perform in unison. Every decision you make has to be aligned with the big picture.

At BAO, we understand that only a holistic approach stands a chance in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. We know that making the sale depends on both what and who you know. We help you get to “yes” by providing a stellar combination of insight and access, joining your teams at the intersection of right prospect, right time, and right solution.

Your team succeeds or fails together, too.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s easy to forget that a deal only happens when two people roll-up their sleeves, solve a problem, and seal it with a handshake.

Getting those two people to the table takes the combined and closely coordinated efforts of many people.

What does this mean to you?

55% of our secured meetings are converted into second sales activities – that’s a success rate 35% higher than the industry average, and it translates to approximately $10 million in pipeline each day for our high-tech Client base. The typical ROI for our Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) solution is 30:1.

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