Get new reps productive fast. Cut your rep ramp time in half.

On-boarding time for a new rep typically looks like this:

90 Day Cycle Ramp Up

Waiting six to twelve months to see any pipeline productivity is a long time
to have a valuable resource like an enthusiastic new sales rep operating below peak efficiency.

What if you could cut that ramp-up time in half? Instead of waiting for a new rep to prioritize accounts and leads by trial and error, there is a way to give your new reps everything they need to hit the ground running on day one.

You hired them to sell. Give them a pre-primed territory that lets them get down to business.

BAO’s Fast Ramp service arms your new reps with:

Customized, real-time, account-level intelligence on 100 of your top target accounts
Face-to-face access to the decision-makers in charge of the 20 strongest opportunities

Instead of spinning their wheels with cold calling and empty prospecting, your new reps will be selling into real deals. Fast Ramp will make sure they are focused on the accounts that are serious about buying and a good fit in terms of infrastructure, timeline, and budget criteria.

“I recently moved from New York to LA – and the situation really highlighted the power of BAO. Instead of having to start over in a completely new territory, I was getting in front of new prospects on day one – walking into meetings vs. getting on the ground and having to figure it out on my own. That was critical to my success in a new market.”

Collin Kinser, Corporate Sales Consultant, Seamless Corporate Accounts

Fast Ramp improves sales productivity
from end to end:


Accelerated Time-to-Revenue

Fast Ramp’s detailed, account-level intelligence helps new reps contribute to pipeline faster by focusing them on the best accounts in their territory right out of the gate.


Optimized Territories and Sales Planning

With new reps actively working sales, management gets immediate insight into team strengths and weaknesses so they can make critical staffing decisions with confidence


Increased Recruitment and Retention

Attracting and holding on to the right reps is easier when you can offer qualified and segmented territories that are primed for business.

Learn more about how Fast Ramp can get your newest reps up and running quickly.