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About Us

BAO is on a mission to provide a better way to go to market

BAO: Proven top-of-the-funnel support

From established industry titans to the innovative start-ups disrupting the status quo, high-tech leaders come to BAO for the best in performance-based appointment setting, account intelligence, and lead generation services.

The proof is in the numbers
outbound calls made daily
appointments secured to date
account profiles completed to date
in pipeline generated for our high-tech clients each day
of our secured meetings are converted into second sales activities
Scale from venture to IPO

We have helped numerous clients successfully navigate their way from venture funding through to IPO and proudly watched them go on to become multi-billion-dollar industry leaders

Our story
The beginning
Our family owned and operated business is founded by a small group of smart, passionate individuals
BAO is named to the Inc. 5000 list
BAO sets the 300,000th appointment on behalf of our clients
The present
We continue to serve our expanding list of clients, build out our capabilities, and grow our team. Read our story
Who we are
BAO is a family owned and operated business founded in 1997 by a small group of smart, passionate individuals. Over the last 20 years spent pioneering the appointment setting industry, the BAO family has grown to include a team of more than 200 sales professionals. We are a dedicated and driven bunch. We’re competitive but collaborative, aggressive but approachable. And we’re disciples of both the latest marketing tech and the most revered old-school sales tactics.
What we do

BAO delivers unrivaled insights about and access to the accounts you want to land. We consider the work we do to be more of a calling than a job—we are on a mission to give leaders in high-tech a better way to go to market. We up your chances of success by bridging the gap between sales and marketing, giving you more at-bats, and replacing guesswork with certainty so you hit the target every time.

What we believe
We believe that it’s time to put the “market” back in “marketing.”
We believe that there’s a smarter, more effective way to combine the technology and sophistication of marketing with the persistence and resilience of sales—giving you the best of both worlds.
We believe that the best solution is usually the simplest, and that it just makes sense to focus on the companies that are most likely to buy your solutions.
We take pride in our people

BAO’s strength is the expertise, tenure, and passion of our team, and that starts at the top.

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