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Create more pipeline by providing your reps warm introductions to priority accounts

Set your SDRs and BDRs up for success

High-performing sales and marketing organizations don’t rely exclusively on inbound leads—they execute effective outbound prospecting to build the top of the pipeline with their target audience. With BAO’s performance-based SmartLeads service, you can scale your inside team by enabling them to reach more prospects and efficiently cover more ground.

BAO partners with your inside team to generate leads in priority accounts
Scale your SDR team by enabling them to reach more prospects and efficiently cover more ground
Engage with prospects who have expressed interest in your solution via a live conversation
Gain inroads in the accounts you select that match your ideal customer profile (ICP)
It takes 27 dials to pitch a prospect on your solution—take that heavy lifting off your SDRs’ plates, so they can concentrate on kicking off the sales process
How it works
We work with you to define the list of accounts and personas you want to target, and train our team on your company and campaign messaging
Our Lead Development Reps (LDRs) conduct live conversations as an extension of your team to identify leads that express interest in your solution
Warm hand-off
BAO’s LDR sends an email to both the prospect and your SDR, introducing them so your SDR can schedule a conversation about your solution
SmartLeads data
We provide details about the contact, talking points, and any other intelligence gathered from the initial conversation
Why BAO for SmartLeads?

We create interest within the accounts that matter most to you

Outbound expertise
Enterprise telephone-based prospecting is what we do—and we do it better than anyone
Guaranteed results
With our performance-based model, you pay for introductions, not our time
Tech focus
B2B high-tech is all we do and we know the market inside and out
BAO’s team is large and built for speed, so you get results fast—in days or weeks, not months
The numbers don't lie
years in the industry
dials per day on behalf of our clients
Solve your biggest pipeline challenges
Speed new rep time-to-revenue
Get your reps more at-bats so they start creating pipeline faster
Conquer the public sector
Leverage our deep expertise to get access to the FED/SLED market
Generate MQLs to support sales objectives
Jump-start competitive displacement, whitespace, and other targeted campaigns