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The market knows us as the leader in appointment setting—but our story is much bigger

Customized, scalable support that sales and marketing teams need to crack open new markets, land priority accounts, and identify the most viable opportunities

Appointment Setting

Increase sales productivity for maximum pipeline impact

Access to decision-makers
Deliver your reps more at-bats
B2B tech expertise
Partner with experts—B2B high-tech is all we do and we know the market inside and out
Performance-based model
Pay for your results, not our time
Opportunity Identification

Find your ideal prospects based on the account insights that matter to your organization

Identify qualified prospects
Pinpoint where the opportunities are and how to capture them
Buyer signals that matter to you
Understand tech stack, pains and challenges, competitors installed, trigger events, and more
Competitive edge
Arm your SDRs with actionable insights you can’t get anywhere else

Create more pipeline by providing your reps warm introductions to priority accounts

Scale your SDR team by enabling them to reach more prospects and efficiently cover more ground
Engage with prospects who have expressed interest in your solution via a live conversation
Gain inroads in the accounts that match your ideal customer profile (ICP)
Lead Qualification

Fast follow-up to maximize your leads

Ensure follow-up on all the webinar, trade show, content marketing, and other leads you’ve worked hard to generate
Get near-immediate insights, including which leads meet (or fail to meet) your qualification criteria
Understand effectiveness and maximize the ROI of events, campaigns, and programs
Advanced Demand Generation

Get insight and access to increase the success of your lead generation campaigns

Discovery-level insights
Identify qualified prospects based on your unique criteria
Access to decision-makers
Get reps more at-bats in your target market
Increase productivity
Enable sales to have smarter, more effective conversations with prospects
Companies we work with. . .
. . . are saying the following
Frank Politano
Sr. Account Manager at RackTop Systems
"Having a partner like BAO helping get us at-bats with key decision makers in our focus vertical markets is a game-changer."
Jean Cleghorn
Senior Marketing Manager – Public Sector at Commvault
"What really surprised me about working with BAO is the experience level of their prospecting teams. These are not newbies trying to figure out how to dial-for-dollars, they’re sales professionals."
Diane Walters
SLED Industry Marketing Manager at Pure Storage
"The SLED reps are so much more engaged than ever before. Our southeast district manager sent me an email saying "BAO is on FIRE" when he saw so many meetings being scheduled for his team."
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