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Enable Sales Development

Increase the productivity and success rates of your inside sales teams

Streamline where your sales development reps spend their time

Your inside reps are responsible for following up on inbound leads and cultivating opportunities. But what if your priority target accounts aren’t coming to you? Outbound outreach, which is time-consuming and can be hit-or-miss, can fall by the wayside. But it doesn’t have to.

Empower sales development to execute highly targeted outbound prospecting plays

BAO does the heavy lifting to find pre-qualified accounts so your inside team can focus on prospecting into the ones that are more likely to buy

Segment your target market
Stack rank and prioritize accounts more effectively by focusing on prospects with opportunity potential
Understand the key decision-makers
Identify who will own/influence the deal and the specific pains and challenges they’re struggling with
Gain actionable intelligence
Arm sales development reps with valuable insight about the prospect’s needs, environment, and buying process so they can reach out with highly relevant communications
Find best-fit accounts for more effective outbound prospecting
Tech environment
Uncover which accounts meet the criteria—such as whether a certain solution is already in place—that increase the likelihood of success
Competitive displacement
Find out when competitors’ contracts are up for renewal—and which customers are unhappy with them
Whitespace campaigns
Increase your ability to effectively engage with and drive interest in whitespace accounts
Down-market prioritization
Increase your hit rate by focusing on the most promising prospects in large markets such as the mid-market and SMB
Why it works
You gain a real-time blueprint of your target market, based on the criteria that matters to your business, to enable your sales development team to proactively gain traction in your most important accounts
Get details into relevant technology stack, trigger events, pains and challenges, competitors installed, and more
The data is current, validated via phone interviews with decision-makers in your target accounts—not pulled from a stale database or inferred—and you get contact details for everyone we interview
You get an in-depth, real-time view of your prospects’ buying cycles, and you get it fast—valuable insight is delivered in days or weeks, not months
You get individual account details as well as an overall view of your market trend data
Insights for optimizing sales development efforts
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