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Why Sales Loves Working With BAO - In Their Own Words

How appointment setting helps sales gain access to the biggest and best buyers in their territories.

High tech Sales and Marketing leaders looking to accelerate top-of-the-funnel pipeline development partner with BAO.

Our clients consistently share that their sales representatives rely on BAO to give them access to the biggest and best buyers in their territories. Here’s how BAO’s appointment setting services accomplish this, and what our clients’ reps have to say about the results:

Get Reps More At-Bats

When it comes to pipeline development challenges whether it’s building more top-of-funnel pipeline, filling pipeline gaps, boosting an underperforming territory, accelerating contribution to pipeline, or getting your new reps productive, BAO can help.

As any field sales rep will tell you, it all starts with access. BAO partners with your sales organization to secure targeted, executive -level meetings with the prospects that are important to you.

Grow and Scale Your Team Risk-Free

BAO’s clients want to expand their reach as cost-effectively as possible. With BAO’s performance-based model, clients adjust volume to scale the program up and down based on their needs each quarter. You choose the reps, territories, and markets, then BAO gets to work providing the opportunities.

Let Your Sellers Focus on Selling

On average, it takes 130 dials to secure a first sales meeting. As critical as those first meetings are, cold calling and prospecting aren’t the best use of your reps’ valuable time and talents. It is , however, what BAO does best. Let BAO take on that heavy lifting so your reps can do what they do best—build relationships and close deals.

Conquer the Public Sector

Most of BAO’s clients partner with BAO to target the FED/SLED market, as we have the expertise, knowledge and database to drive momentum in this space. We’ve been helping clients gain traction in FED/SLED for 20 years—in fact, one-third of the meetings we secure are in the public sector.

Gain Access to Those Hard-to-Reach Prospects

BAO’s clients don’t want meetings for the sake of meetings; they want access to the decision-makers at their VIP accounts. BAO provides a team of focused and skilled ISRs that will get you a foot in the door at companies you may have written off in the past as impenetrable.

Nothing gets us more excited than the emails from clients that say, “How did you get in there? I’ve been trying for years!

How can Appointment Setting from BAO

Help fuel your growth?