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Appointment Setting

With BAO, your sales team can focus their time on closing deals, not prospecting

Make a pipeline impact

High-performing sales and marketing organizations in the tech industry work with BAO to create more sales opportunities. With our performance-based Appointment Setting service, you can fill pipeline gaps, augment both inside and outside sales teams, generate high-quality leads, support new product launches, and more.

BAO's Appointment Setting service delivers actionable leads and top-of-the-funnel pipeline
Our ISRs partner with your reps to deliver more at-bats
Increase your team's productivity and free up their time to close deals as our ISRs make 35K+ calls per day on our clients' behalf
Get in front of key prospects immediately to jump-start sales cycles and accelerate to path to increased pipeline
Scalability and agility
Adjust program volume and focus based on your current needs and objective
Access priority markets
Break into hard-to-crack accounts and lines of business in the enterprise, mid-market, and public sector
How it works
We work with you to define the list of accounts and personas you want to target, and train our team on your campaign messaging
Our ISRs partner with your sales people to secure meetings with executives within your key accounts
We measure quality with the BAO ROI Tracker (our post-meeting survey tool) to optimize outreach and further boost results
Your reps meet with key decision-makers and focus on building relationships, creating pipeline, and closing deals
Why BAO for Appointment Setting?

We’ve been pioneering the appointment setting industry for the last 25 years and it shows

The numbers don't lie
appointments set to date (and counting...)
in pipeline created each day
of meetings we secure convert into second sales activities
Solve your biggest sales challenges
Conquer the public sector
Leverage our deep expertise to get access to the FED/SLED market
Speed new rep time-to-revenue
Get your reps more at-bats so they start creating pipeline faster
Arm your SDRs for success
Enable your own inside reps to find and reach more qualified prospects with opportunity potential