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BAO Fast Ramp: Quickly launch new sales reps

Help new hires start contributing to pipeline faster

Get new reps more at-bats, quickly

The typical ramp-up time for new B2B sales reps is [sales cycle] + 90 days. That’s a long time to wait for a revenue impact. BAO Fast Ramp is a quick-start program designed to get new sales reps productive with fast access to decision-makers in their territories.

Fast Ramp gets new reps in the field more quickly
Accelerate time-to-revenue
The sooner your reps start connecting with decision-makers, the faster they’ll be able to start contributing to the sales pipeline
Increase sales productivity
Reps will spend less time spinning their wheels with cold calling and more time meeting with key contacts, creating opportunities in target accounts
Improve recruitment and retention
Attracting the best of the best—and holding on to them—becomes easier when you’re able to give new reps a program that helps them sell earlier
Help your new reps hit the ground running on day 1
Territory and solution
Tell us about the territory your new rep covers as well as the solution’s value proposition and positioning
We’ll work with you to understand the ideal contacts your reps should meet with, whether that’s in IT or in another line of business, such as finance, HR, or customer service
Our Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) will hit the phones to secure appointments and deliver immediate sales productivity for your new reps
Our Fast Ramp numbers don’t lie
new reps supported to date
new sales reps onboarded by one SaaS client during a 12-month period
the reduction in ramp-up time clients typically achieve
Put the BAO advantage to work to give your new reps a head start
Cut ramp-up time in half and get your sales hires productive faster
Our team takes on the heavy lifting of prospecting, freeing up your reps to focus on closing deals
Adjust appointment setting volume and focus based on your new reps’ goals and territories
With our performance-based model, you pay for your results, not our time