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BAO Fast Ramp

Quickly get new sales reps fast access to decision-makers in their territories.
Get New Reps More At-Bats, Quickly

Every sales organization has to bring new reps on board, regardless of the company’s size or industry. And whether that’s due to team expansion or turnover, there’s a ramp-up period that typically looks like this:


That’s a long time to wait for new reps to get up and running. You hired them to sell, so give them a head start in driving revenue. Don’t keep eager—and expensive—new reps on the sidelines while they feel their way through the territory and attempt to create opportunities. BAO Fast Ramp is a quick-start program designed to get new sales reps productive with fast access to decision-makers in their territories.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
years in the industry
appointments secured to date
new reps supported to date
What You Gain
BAO Fast Ramp makes it easy to get new reps more at-bats faster, so they hit the ground running on day one.
The sooner you can get reps face-to-face access to decision makers, the faster they’ll be able to start contributing to the sales pipeline.
Reps will spend less time spinning their wheels with cold calling and more time meeting with key contacts, creating opportunities in target accounts.
Attracting the best of the best—and holding on to them—becomes easier when you’re able to give new reps a head start in driving revenue.

“We identified some of our brand-new regional sales managers who could use an extra shot in the arm to get started—the additional BAO meetings allowed them to really quickly get more at-bats, more time to practice their pitches, and ultimately, more pipeline.”

—Roger Zacapa, Director of Inside Sales at Castlight Health

How it Works
Once you’ve identified the new reps you want to ramp up, tell us about the organizations within their territories—if they’re responsible for the enterprise, mid-market, or SMB, or if they’re focused on a specialty market like federal/state/local government or healthcare.
We’ll work with you to understand the ideal contacts your reps should meet with, whether that’s in IT like a CIO or network engineer, or in another line of business such as finance, HR, or marketing.
Provide details about your value proposition, including the core benefits and differentiators, as well as how to position your offering in the market.
Our Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) will hit the phones, making 150+ dials each day, to maximize your market presence and deliver immediate sales productivity for your new reps

“I recently moved from New York to LA—and the situation really highlighted the power of BAO. Instead of having to start over in a completely new territory, I was getting in front of new prospects on day one—walking into meetings vs. getting on the ground and having to figure it out on my own. That was critical to my success in a new market.”

—Collin Kinser, Corporate Sales Consultant at Seamless

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