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Case Studies

Automation Anywhere: BAO Appointment Setting Customer Success Story

Automation Anywhere partnered with BAO for appointment setting services to scale pipeline growth.
The client
Robotic process automation (RPA) provider Automation Anywhere.
The challenge
Efficiently and quickly scale their pipeline growth.
The solution
BAO’s appointment setting services helped the company build a much more efficient pipeline generation machine.
Automation Anywhere needed to scale pipeline growth.

This required bringing in a sophisticated partner who could convey the complexities of their value proposition—and deliver results. “We were looking to build out a much more efficient pipeline generation machine. And that’s why we partnered with BAO for appointment setting services,” said David Morrison, Director of Global Lead Generation.

Comprehensive data for smart targeting.

When the program started, the target personas included 12 different line-of-business (LoB) executives, from Supply Chain to Human Resources. The feedback from the ROI Tracker (our post-meeting survey tool) showed that the meetings within a couple of LoBs were far more effective and more likely than the others to result in additional sales activities. With this data and our flexibility to pivot, BAO worked with Automation Anywhere to confidently streamline the LoB target list to the half-dozen that proved to deliver the best pipeline return.

“I wear a lot of hats. My job requires that I do a ton for my book of business and it’s not all sales activities—traveling to customer sites, sending proposals, doing internal and customer sat activities. But BAO is there week in and week out, getting me meetings and that’s a big part of what makes BAO so impactful.”

- James Nulis, Enterprise Account Executive

Highly skilled ISRs who can communicate complex messages to different audiences.

Like many leading B2B technology companies, Automation Anywhere’s messaging is complex. AI and automation mean different things to different people, so clarity about what the solution is and isn’t is critical. BAO ISRs are often the first to have a live conversation with prospects about the solution, so they need to communicate the message in a way that’s both accurate and effective.

"I’ve been impressed with the BAO ISRs’ ability to prospect on our behalf. Their incredibly detailed grasp of our messaging and how it benefits the prospect is really quite amazing and special."

– David Morrison, Director of Global Lead Generation
Appointment Setting for consistent at-bats to set sales up for success

Effective pipeline building requires face time with prospects on a reliably ongoing basis. BAO does this by providing scalability to support Automation Anywhere’s needs as they evolve. At any given time, the program flexes to support from 11 to 40 sales reps, so the company always has the coverage it needs.

1,400 introductory meetings
BAO has secured over 1,400 introductory meetings for more than 74 sales execs over the course of the four-year partnership.
Quality score
for meetings set in 2023 beat industry benchmarks.
Potential to turn into an Opp
50% of BAO-set appointments are deemed to have potential
to turn into an opportunity—which is 25% above the industry average —with 43% having a defined second sales activity
Cost to Pipe
The cost to pipe of the program—the company’s primary metric—is 60% below the company’s target.

Hands down, BAO is one of the 
most efficient programs we run.

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