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BAO Appointment Setting

Fast access to key decision-makers in the markets and accounts that matter most to your business.
Scale, Speed and the Best Success Rate in the Industry

With Appointment Setting from BAO, you get quick and repeated access to key decision-makers in the markets and accounts that matter most to your business. BAO extends your reach, augmenting both inside and outside sales teams, providing access to previously impenetrable accounts in the enterprise, mid-market, public sector, and everywhere in between.

The Numbers Don't Lie
years in the industry
appointments secured to date
dials a day on behalf of clients
What You Gain
Our nearly 150 reps make 175+ calls per day, instantly increasing your team’s productivity by freeing up their time to close deals.
As an extension of your team, you gain experienced Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) who know how to communicate the complex value propositions and messaging associated with your high tech solutions.
Jump-start the sales cycle and accelerate the path to increased pipeline by getting in front of key prospects immediately.
Take full control of the scale of BAO’s outreach with the ability to increase or decrease appointment setting volume based on your current needs.
Built from the ground up and updated constantly, the industry’s most comprehensive database features hundreds of thousands of IT and line-of-business contacts in corporate America, hospitals and public sector.
With a performance-based model, you only pay for results and get the best possible return on your investment.

The partnership with BAO has had a tremendous impact on our business. We’re getting high-quality meetings – and we’re getting them fast. Our veteran regional sales managers (RSMs) have full calendars and our new RSMs are getting a huge boost as they kick off in their territories. It’s a winning strategy all around.

Pipeline Impact
of secured meetings convert into second sales activities . . .
higher than the industry average
Frictionless Support for Sales

At BAO, our ISRs partner with your reps in the field to provide frictionless support that works for everyone. Sales reps are often our greatest partners - and biggest fans.

With BAO, your sales teams can focus their time on closing deals as opposed to chasing down leads. And with a performance-based model, you get the best possible return on your investment - because you only pay for results.

Regular measurement is essential to a successful appointment setting engagement. In order to aid those efforts, we created the BAO ROI Tracker™, a reporting tool that provides visibility into early stage pipeline. The BAO ROI Tracker enables you to proactively measure and manage your early pipeline activities so you can assess leads, track successes, and validate your BAO investment.

Gigamon has benefited tremendously from the relationship and partnership with BAO. We have almost $5 million in pipeline that we wouldn’t have had without the tenacious inside sales reps from BAO helping, and $1 million in closed sales already that BAO helped us generate.”
- Deb Estrada , VP of Global Sales Operations at Gigamon
With Appointment Setting from BAO, your company can:
Fill pipeline gaps
Augment both inside and outside sales teams
Generate high-quality leads
Support new product launches