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Trend Reports

Hiring, Training, and Managing Business Development Representatives

BAO and The Predictive Index teamed up to analyze the world of business development.
A data-driven approach to
Hiring, training and the day-to-day management of a business development team

The combination of The Predictive Index's expertise in hiring best practices, through their behavioral and cognitive employee assessments, and BAO’s appointment setting leadership provides a unique point of view on the topic. It’s that point of view and a data-driven approach that allowed us to uncover insights and trends about the world of business development. Among the findings in the report:

  • The personality factors that correlate with high quota attainment and thus to seek out when hiring business development reps (BDRs)
  • The behavioral patterns most commonly associated with successful salespeople
  • Details about how companies train, onboard and compensate their BDRs
  • Benchmark metrics for managing BDRs, with insights into common responsibilities and the average number of calls made per day as well as a look at the number of calls actually required to secure an appointment (broken down by industry, state and line of business)
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