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BAO SmartLeads

Efficiently create pipeline with warm leads in priority accounts.
Efficiently create pipeline with warm leads in priority accounts

To meet your sales and marketing goals you need people hitting the phones and building the top of the pipeline every day. With BAO’s performance-based SmartLeads service, you can give your inside sales teams warm introductions to top prospects.

Functioning as an extension of your sales organization, our Lead Development Reps (LDRs) partner with your team to generate leads. It’s 100% phone based—our team conducts live conversations to identify key decision-makers and present your value proposition. When a prospect expresses interest in your solution, we send an email introducing your SDR or BDR to the prospect.

SmartLeads takes the heavy lifting of prospecting off your SDRs’ plates, so they can focus on kicking of the sales process, presenting your solution, and turning those leads into pipeline opportunities. This enables your reps to focus on warm prospecting, not cold calling.

The numbers don't lie

BAO has been a pioneer in the B2B appointment setting industry for 25 years. We leverage our experience making 30,000+ dials every single day on behalf of our clients to deliver services that meet a diverse range of prospecting and lead generation needs.

years in the industry
dials per day on behalf of our clients
What you gain

With SmartLeads you can count on BAO to boost your productivity and help fill the top of your funnel. Key benefits include:

Outbound Expertise
Enterprise technology phone-based prospecting is what we do—and we do it better than anyone
Increased Productivity
Generate live conversations with prospects who have expressed interest in your solution
Targeted Outreach
Gain inroads in accounts that match your ideal customer profile (ICP)
Increased Efficiency
Focus your SDRs' outreach on accounts you select
Guaranteed Results
With our performance-based model, you pay for introductions, not our time
BAO’s team is large and built for speed, so you get results fast—in days or weeks, not months

Working with BAO gave us the opportunity to very quickly ramp up an inside sales function. They have the resources and processes in place to very quickly manage a program for us.

How it works
1. Strategy
We work with you to define the list of accounts and personas you want to target, and train our team on your company and campaign messaging
2. Contact
Our LDRs conduct live conversations as an extension of your team to identify leads with interest in your solution
3. Warm Hand-off
BAO’s LDR sends an email to both the prospect and your SDR, introducing them so your SDR can schedule a conversation about your solution
4. SmartLeads Data
We provide details about the contact, talking points, and any other intelligence gathered from the initial conversation
Ready to boost your sales and marketing results?

Speak with a pipeline expert to build a program that meets your needs.