Every State’s Got a Prospecting Story

December 3, 2019
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Every State's Got a Prospecting Story

Washington, DC. Home to the executive branch of government. And home to the International Monetary Fund, the organization with the most meetings set in the executive management function.

Delaware was the first state to ratify the constitution on December 7, 1787. Eager for democracy, but not so much when it comes to engaging with reps. At 27.2, this state has the highest dials-to-pitch ratio in the nation.

Texas. Home to the company with the most meetings set in the operations function. Clearly the folks at Pioneer Natural Resources are a busy crew. It’s also home to a lot of armadillos, who are not quite so productive—they sleep 16 hours a day.

New Jersey has the highest population density in the U.S.—13x the national average. We’re guessing a lot of them are cybersmart, since Collabera, the company with the most meetings set in the information security function, is also headquartered in the state.

California is home to both the lowest and highest points in the continental U.S. When it comes to appointments, it’s all high ground—we’ve set more here than in any other state.

Wyoming: We forgive you, Wyoming. You may be the state that hosted the least number of BAO-secured meetings, but you sure are beautiful. And the fact that your state sport is rodeo? That’s pretty cool.

Connecticut: Did you know the first telephone book ever issued was published in Connecticut in 1878? Wonder if any of their descendants work at Aetna—we’ve set more appointments with execs there than at any other company.

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