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BAO Returns to its Roots

HQ relocates to Chelmsford, MA.

"One of the things we're most proud of is that we help to create sales careers.” — Jim Higgins, CEO, BAO

In November, BAO headquarters relocated from its home of eight years in Andover to a new office space in Chelmsford to help accommodate its growing team and better attract the wealth of sales talent in the Greater Lowell area.

BAO’s executive team of Suzanne Higgins (founder), Jim Higgins (CEO), Jessica Pilat (CMO), and Justin Pilat (GM), sat down with Alana Melanson from the Lowell Sun just after the move to talk about the relocation, the company’s history and future, as well as what makes BAO unique and a great place to work.

"It's really hard to be in inside sales. Whether you're here or somewhere else, sales is an emotional, tough job. We know that in order to do that well, you need to be a happy person and a happy employee,” said Jessica Pilat, CMO of BAO.

BAO provides attractive opportunities for young professionals who are just starting out in their sales careers, and for more established sales executives, offering a work/life balance - often unheard of in sales. It is the type of place that allows sales professionals to learn from and support one another, and put their unique skills and personalities to use to be successful.

BAO Executive Team, Chelmsford Headquarters
We’re excited about our new home

and look forward to diving into the next chapter in the BAO story.

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