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Industry Insights: Did You Know?

We've got unique insight into the interesting trends that can give you the inside edge.

Every day we make 20,000+ phone calls, diving deep into different markets – Public Sector, Fortune 2000, Mid-Market, Hospitals.

Having our finger on the pulse of your target markets is what makes us successful – but it’s also given us unique insight into the sometimes odd, interesting trends and industry eccentricities that can give you the inside edge. For example, did you know…

  • Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Google and Raytheon all have something in common. They’re the companies with whom is it most difficult to secure meetings.
  • Despite the fact that Nutrisystem is among the fastest growing companies in the U.S., they’ve never appeared on a BAO target list.
  • Southern California, the Bay Area and New York metro are the most challenging geographies in which to secure meetings.
  • In a recent study, we asked 626 high-tech companies about their sales teams: 81 percent indicated that their sales forces were made up of mostly “hunters,” and more than a quarter of survey respondents rated the integration between their sales and marketing teams a “C” or lower.
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