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Sequester-Proof Your Quota

BAO’s dedicated Public Sector practice can help.

The government sequester has sent the Federal market into a tailspin. Mandatory budget cuts mean that your contacts are powerless to advise on which projects will be funded, what they’ll be able to buy or when they’ll have authority to make a purchase.

Your quota hasn’t changed – you still have to make that number – but the predictability and visibility into your pipeline is shot. It’s time to bring in reinforcements.

BAO’s dedicated Public Sector practice and Appointment Setting services are unrivaled – backed by an extensive, real-time database of organizations and contacts that includes decision makers in the Federal government. Our dedicated Public Sector team is on the phone with the key players daily – and the #1 goal is always to uncover opportunity.

Front-load the top of your pipeline and increase your overall footprint across all Federal agencies so that, when deals are being made, you’ll have a seat at the table.

Contact us at or read our Public Sector practice overview to learn more.

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