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Selling Into Micromarkets

What we're reading—and why it matters.

"The first step in pursuing a micromarket strategy is to create an 'opportunity map' of potentially lucrative hot spots.”

“Selling into Micromarkets,” Harvard Business Review, July-August 2012

Check out "Selling Into Micromarkets," an article in a recent issue of Harvard Business Review.

We have always advocated for the “micromarket” selling approach – identifying and understanding real opportunity to increase organizational productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our services and solutions inform successful go-to-market strategies built around detailed, account-by-account intelligence. It’s a cross-functional, collaborative approach that will change the way you sell – and effect positive change across your entire organization.

We encourage you to read it. Share it. Teach it. Preach it.

Because this is truly the key to successful selling – and it’s the approach we take every day in uncovering opportunities and driving profitability for our Clients.

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