Building a Solid Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Foundation with Custom Insights from BAO

October 3, 2016

Building your named Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy upon solid foundational insights ensures that you prioritize the right ABM targets, know what to say to engage that defined universe of accounts and gain access to the decision makers within those companies. Insights BAO Uncovers

ABM, which SiriusDecisions defines as “the strategic approach marketers use to support a defined universe of accounts,” allows marketing organizations to create more effective go-to-market campaigns, while sales organizations are able to be more focused, resulting in an increase in productivity.  SiriusDecisions Account-based Marketing Framework

SiriusDecisions created their Account-Based Marketing Framework, as a set of process steps and foundation elements that support ABM strategy and delivery (see image). BAO provides the foundational insights that impact three of those steps: Prioritization, Planning and Execution.


 “Select the Right Companies

Account selection is the number one critical success factor in an ABM program. Your strategy and programs will create results only if they are directed to the right companies.

BAO will proactively reach out to companies in your market to collect customized account intelligence, including current technology stack, budgeted initiatives and key trigger events.

Based on those insights, BAO will help you create your ABM target list. Your ABM programs will be more effective because they are directed at companies most likely to buy from you.

“Use the Right Message”

Custom insights about the organizations you’re targeting allows you to deliver the right message to the right account which ensures your programs are resonating with your audience.

The insights BAO provided now are utilized for designing campaigns. With a deep understanding about which subjects will resonate with your selected accounts, you can now direct the right message and content to the right company.

For example, if you uncovered that a portion of your targets struggle with “scalability,” you can create programs based on your ability to scale, and target that segment of accounts. Another portion of companies may list “compliance” as a key challenge, so that segment gets your campaigns focused on your strength in increasing compliance.

You have have the right accounts, and the right message and content. Now we help you direct it to the right people. BAO will provide you with relevant IT and line of business contacts for your ABM targets, complete with accurate, verified email addresses. 

“Access the Right Decision Makers”

To succeed, your ABM program needs to engage the key personas at your target accounts.

BAO will get your sales team face-time with the VIP accounts you’ve selected for your ABM program. BAO’s Inside Sales team will use the ABM insights collected to produce high quality appointments for your field.

Additionally, your sales representatives will be armed with those insights, allowing for a better first meeting with the prospect and creating a winning combination of ABM and demand generation.


BAO Quick-Start ABM

  • Starting with a list of 1000 companies, BAO will interview influencers and decision makers via telephone to help you pick the right ABM targets, right now.
  • BAO will provide detailed profiles on 250 of those accounts.
  • The top 30% of that market will be selected for the ABM target list.
  • Within those 75 ABM targets, BAO will secure 20 executive level meetings and provide 500 relevant IT and line of business contacts.

Building your ABM strategy upon solid foundational insights ensures that you prioritize the right ABM targets, know what to say to engage that defined universe of accounts and gain access to the decision makers within those companies.