Appointment Setting in Higher Education

August 26, 2020

Specialized experience to get you access to the Higher Ed market

Higher education isn’t just another vertical you can tweak your messaging and source new contacts for—it really is a unique sell. So when it’s time to arm your sales and marketing teams with resources to support their efforts, you need a partner who understands the differences. Who knows that budgets are tight. That teams are leanly staffed. And that many institutions operate seasonally, only opening up the technology evaluation process at specific times of the year. Appointment Setting in the Higher Ed

BAO has been successfully executing appointment setting campaigns for clients in the higher education market for over two decades, so we know what it takes. In short, no one knows higher ed demand generation like BAO.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

  • 22 years in the industry
  • 20,000+ appointments secured in higher education
  • 3.25M+ dials into higher ed contacts

What You Gain

Securing appointments in higher ed requires an approach that accounts for the distinct technology priorities in this market, as well as how to successfully navigate the buying cycle with the right timing and messages. BAO’s Inside Sales Reps (ISRs):

  • KNOW the ins and outs of higher ed—and how prospecting into this market differs from corporate America.
  • NAVIGATE the seasonality and technology evaluation approaches that are specific to the higher ed buying cycle.
  • SPEAK the language and can effectively “translate” your messaging so it will resonate with this unique audience.
  • ACCESS the decision makers with our knowledge of who really calls the shots in higher ed and our unrivaled database.

Put the BAO Appointment Setting Advantage to Work in the Higher Ed Market

You can count on BAO to help you expand your higher ed footprint.

    Our reps make 175+ calls per day, instantly increasing your team’s productivity by freeing up their time to close deals.
    Take full control of the scale of BAO’s outreach with the ability to adjust appointment setting volume based on the seasonality inherent to the higher ed market.
  • SPEED 
    Jump-start the sales cycle and accelerate the path to increased pipeline by getting in front of key higher ed decision makers immediately.
    With our performance-based model, you only pay for results and get the best possible return on your investment.

“Gigamon has benefited tremendously from the relationship and partnership with BAO. We have almost $5 million in pipeline that we wouldn’t have had without the tenacious inside sales reps from BAO helping, and $1 million in closed sales already that BAO helped us generate.”

— Deb Estrada, VP of Global Sales Operations, Gigamon