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Case Studies

Appointment Setting for SAP: Partnerships Matter

BAO delivered SAP face time with the right people, at the right companies, at just the right time.
For SAP Partnerships Matter

With BAO, SAP has gotten face time with the right people, at the right companies, at just the right time – allowing SAP to focus efforts on uncovering and closing opportunities, as quickly as possible.

With SAP’s complex solutions suite, and aggressive go-to-market strategies, they needed a partner who could not only scale, but also have the ability and experience to be agile and effective quickly. SAP counts on its close, strategic partnership with BAO to be fast, aggressive and smart in executing critical programs to capture market share faster than the competition.

When it comes to supporting business operations, choosing the right partner is no small decision for SAP. When the company wanted to complement their stellar sales resources by getting SAP in front of key accounts quickly – providing long-term pipeline productivity and revenue growth – BAO was the right partner for the job.

Results in Summary

SAP has:

More opportunities into pipeline compared to traditional demand generation activities
Major efficiencies within sales and marketing
Teed up
Sales resources with high quality opportunities
Boosted field reps’ success rates
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