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Perspectives From the Field: BAO and AppSense, Fast Ramp in a New Territory

Read how one BAO ISR helped a new AppSense sales rep quickly create early-stage pipeline.
The Road Warriors, The Dealmakers, The Feet on the Street

For us, no relationship is more critical than the one between our ISRs and the Client reps they support. Because no one knows BAO like the reps – they’re . They capitalize on the opportunities that drive their company’s success. They are our partners in driving pipeline. They’re the reason we do what we do.

So it’s always a pleasure when we get to hear from Clients and have them tell their story in their own words. Here, we get an inside look at the strong, successful relationship between BAO ISR Andrew Frongillo and the Client rep he supports, AppSense’s Jim Hayes.

When Andrew started working with Jim, Jim was new to the company and new to the industry. Together, they got Jim ramped up quickly with appointments that not only created early-stage pipeline fast, but enabled Jim to quickly build relationships with channel partners, who are key to AppSense’s success in the market.

Appointment Setting for a Fast Ramp in a New Territory
“I was new to AppSense and this was a relatively untapped territory. I really didn’t have a way to go out and get fast pipeline and start knocking down some quota retirement. Andy enabled me to build direct pipeline so I could start contributing dollars into the system and generate activity in the territory.”
“We were able to get Jim into some opportunities and start generating early-stage pipeline. For example, I was able to get to the VP of IT at a key target that was in the midst of a major IT infrastructure migration. They were hoping to get it done in 2013 but weren’t sure. The contact also wasn’t sure if he was doing any virtual desktop initiatives. I was able to uncover a mobility angle, which is a play for AppSense, to get the meeting. From there, Jim was able to have a good meeting with next steps.”
Advice for Getting The Most Value from Appointment Setting
“You can’t go into meetings assuming that it’s all teed up. BAO opens the door to someone who knows what’s going on, someone who is a critical rung in the ladder of the organization. How do you best prepare yourself and the prospect for the agenda to make sure you’ve got them as highly qualified as possible? Don’t just go and wing it! Take the extra steps and do the research – the potential for success is much higher that way. And then leverage the heck out of the meetings. Use them to develop your eco-system. You can get additional benefit from any one call and it will continue to enrich your territory on an ongoing basis. You’re paying X dollars per meeting, so why wouldn’t you want to get the most out of those meetings as possible?”
“Jim does his research and goes into meetings knowing what the prospect’s specific issues are as well as what the problems are for similar companies in the vertical. He doesn’t necessarily walk in every time expecting to close a deal – he wants to build a relationship with the people I put him in front of.”

I was new to AppSense and this was a relatively untapped territory. I really didn’t have a way to go out and get fast pipeline and start knocking down some quota retirement. BAO enabled me to build direct pipeline so I could start contributing dollars into the system and generate activity in the territory.

Building Credibility to Build Partner Relationships
“AppSense relies on service partners to implement our software. These service partners have a very intimate relationship with these accounts as they are seen as agnostic technology advisors. Developing relationships with those partners is important because they are given authority within an account that you can’t replicate. It was essential for me to start quickly cultivating the necessary relationships with our channel partners to build the level of trust and credibility necessary to have them pull us in."
"Once Andy set a meeting, I could pull in partners that would be critical to my success. I’m bringing them in to accounts they’ve wanted to do business with but haven’t been able to meet with previously. I’m building up good will. I can call a partner and say ‘how would you like to go on this cherry appointment with me to meet with this decision maker at this Fortune 500 company?’ Now they’re calling me and pulling us in to help create a solution. That’s not something that will show up on a metric, but it’s happening because of appointments that Andy set up. It’s also about name-dropping. Because when I call a partner and name-drop someone Andy got me an appointment with, their ears perk up.”
“Jim really understands the power of relationship building. He takes the meetings that I get for him, and he not only builds a relationship with the prospect, but he uses the opportunity to build a relationship with partners in his territory. And that creates success and fills the pipeline.”
Advice for Making the Most of Your BAO Engagement
“I always remember Andy isn’t a call service or administrator. He is my business partner. Treat your ISR like someone who will help you develop the eco-system. What makes our relationship work is constant contact. Andy and I speak several times per week. He and I work together to target accounts and figure out the best way to approach them. Instead of giving Andy one list at the beginning of the relationship and not ever revisiting it, we come up with new pitches to keep it fresh so that it continues to feel like new ground and fertile turf for both of us.”
“Jim is very hands-on. For example, he had a target list of organizations focused on migrating their IT infrastructure. He set up a call, we went over the list, and he gave me pointers and insights. Not all reps will do that, but it’s a small investment of his time that will lead to better quality meetings. And that’s ultimately a big time saver and leads to better results.
"It’s a personal relationship and that’s part of what makes it so successful. I know about his kids and which vacations he’s going on. He asks about my dog and when my band has shows. When you really engage and get to know the people you’re working with, you build a level of respect for each other that inspires you to help each other out. At the end of the day, that’s what really separates Jim and makes him so effective. Any ISR will tell you that the reps you are more successful with are always the ones where you have that personal touch. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone like Jim.”
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