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We pride ourselves in being able to get a meeting with ANYONE.
But we haven’t been able to get a meeting with Information Builders.

So our pride’s a little hurt, but at BAO, we’re tenacious. It’s a quality that our Clients appreciate – because it gets them results.

The truth is, we believe we have a lot to offer Information Builders. We could tell you that we know the BI/Analytics space better than anyone, that we know who’s feeling pain and who’s in the market for solutions right now, and that our customized intelligence delivers insights about the companies and characteristics that matter most to you. But we’d rather show you.

For example:

Wayne State University BI Buyer

The Associated Press BI Buyer
Hancock Bank BI Buyer
Wayne State University BI Buyer
The Associated Press BI Buyer
Hancock Bank BI Buyer

We also have profiles for AAA Cooper Transportation and the Institute of International Education who are each in the market for BI solutions.

How do we know? We gather custom intelligence via live phone surveys. That’s how we uncover the active deals, so you can make sure you’re at the table – and you’re pitching to each prospect’s specific environment and requirements. And that’s how we provide you with unrivaled intelligence to fuel your account-based marketing programs and other campaigns and initiatives.

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