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Advanced Demand Generation (ADG)

Get discovery-level insights and face time with highly qualified buyers in your best-fit prospect accounts

Qualified leads—taken to the next level

Sales and marketing teams in tech work with BAO to accelerate qualified lead generation and drive more pipeline opportunity.

BAO partners with you to increase the success of your lead generation campaigns

ADG offers the most thorough, complete way to optimize every step in the lead generation process and beyond

Precision qualification
Pinpoint the accounts in your target market that meet your ideal customer profile (ICP)
Face time with decision-makers
Get appointments with key executives within the best-fit organizations so you can build relationships and help shape the buying vision
Intelligence for sales conversations that resonate
Use account-specific details about technology stack, pains and challenges, competitors installed, trigger events like contract expirations, who will own/influence the deal, and more to connect effectively
How it works
We work with you to define the list of accounts you want to target and develop a custom profile to capture the specific account intelligence that’s relevant to your business
Account-based research
Our team of Market Research Specialists conducts live interviews with key influencers and decision-makers in your target accounts
Segmentation and delivery
You get an in-depth, real-time, segmented view of your market fast with valuable insights delivered in days or weeks, not months
Our team of Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) secures meetings with executives within the best-fit accounts
Why BAO for Advanced Demand Generation?
Custom intelligence
Get discovery-level insights you can’t get anywhere else based on the criteria that matters most to you, gathered via live phone conversations
See your prospect list scored, segmented, and stack ranked based on your ICP
Face time
Meet with decision-makers in your best-fit accounts
Enabled salesforce
Arm your reps with account-specific intel to be the smartest ones in the lobby
The numbers don’t lie
account insights identified
appointments set to date
of our secured ADG meetings are converted into second sales activities
Solve your biggest prospecting challenges
Arm your SDRs for success
Enable your sales development team to find and reach more qualified prospects with opportunity potential
Speed new rep time-to-revenue
Get your reps more at-bats so they start creating pipeline faster
Conquer the public sector
Leverage our deep expertise to get access to the FED/SLED market