BAO Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) Qualified Leads with Custom Account Insights and Fast Access

Pinpoint exactly which companies in your target audience meet your unique criteria—and then get face time with decision-makers within those accounts

BAO’s Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) service provides discovery-level insights about the accounts in your target market and access to the executives you need to meet within those companies. Think qualified leads—taken to the next level. You get highly customized intelligence that includes the exact account insights and buyer signals that matter to your organization, and secured meetings in the companies that are a good fit for you. This means that instead of asking a lot of questions during your initial meeting, you can focus on providing your prospect with answers based on their needs and technology environment.

What It Is. How It Works.

ADG delivers account insights no one else has, gathered from live phone conversations with your total addressable market, and meetings secured with executives within those accounts. It’s a combination that enables your sales team to focus on having relevant, valuable conversations with qualified leads that have real revenue potential.

  • Strategy Every ADG engagement is tailored to identify the account insights that matter to your organization—and then get you access to those organizations with the greatest pipeline potential. We work with you to define the list of accounts you want to target, and then develop a custom profile designed to capture specific account-by-account intelligence that’s relevant to your business, so you know who the truly qualified leads are.
  • Custom account-based research Our team of Market Research Specialists (MRS) goes to work, calling into the organizations and conducting live interviews with key influencers and decision-makers to uncover insights no one else has—including details about technology stack, trigger events like expiring contracts, pains and challenges, competitors installed, and who will own/influence the deal.
  • Segmentation and delivery You get an in-depth, real-time, segmented view of your market. And it’s fast. You get this critical insight in days or weeks, not months.
  • Appointment Setting Access Our team of Inside Sales Reps (ISR)—experienced professionals who know how to communicate the complex value propositions and messaging associated with high-tech products—secures meetings with executives within your key accounts.
  • “BAO has dramatically increased the speed in which we can be in front of our key buyers, resulting in measurable pipeline for Waggl.”

    Derek Cole, Head of Sales, Waggl, Inc.

ADG is the most thorough, complete way to build a fact-based go-to-market strategy that sets your entire team up for success. With ADG, your sales and marketing teams get custom intelligence, gathered via phone, based on the criteria you specify—including technology stack, trigger events, pains and challenges, competitors installed, and who will own/influence the deal—as well as fast, targeted access to meet with decision-makers in your sweet-spot accounts.

"With the cybersecurity industry being so fast and dynamic, and the technology market being so competitive, BAO provides a real advantage to sales and marketing teams by ensuring consistent access to buyers.”

Kathy Swail, Head of Field Marketing at Proofpoint

Advanced Demand Generation: the insights the no one else has, enabling smarter, more effective conversations with your prospects.

Many new technologies can infer lots of information about prospects based on digital activities, but the fact is, having a live conversation is the only way to validate those details are correct and up to date. And, it’s the only way to gather insights that no one else has access to. With ADG, you’ll get confirmed insight about your target market, paired with access to key executives within the organizations that are the right fit and have the greatest potential. You’ll walk into the room ready to have a conversation your prospects will value, setting you up for sales success.