Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) This is how to own your market.

BAO’s ADG is the most thorough, complete way to build a fact-based go-to-market strategy that sets your entire team up for success.

ADG quickly qualifies the accounts in your target market, providing trends and insights like active deals and competitive displacement opportunities. It isolates buyers and gives you access to the executives you need to meet now.

What It Is. How It Works.

ADG delivers what your sales and marketing teams needs most:

  • Account-Level Intelligence and Hyper-Specific Targeting Simpler is always better. Our Market Research Specialists (MRS) conduct live interviews to collect the insight you need about your prospects. You design the criteria to qualify your prospects. We ask the questions. Thousands of times each day, your prospects give us real-world insights into everything from their installed competitive solutions and pain points to budgets, timelines, and decision makers. We find out exactly what your prospects are thinking so you can put the “market” back in “marketing.”
  • Custom Segmentation Based on our intelligence findings, we score, segment, and stack-rank your prospects, so you can easily identify top priority accounts, market whitespace, and greenfield opportunities.
  • Trend-Spotting and Analysis With ADG, you gain the advantage of a broader, deeper perspective. This combination of services delivers a whole that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Because ADG spans the entire go-to-market process, it lets us connect the dots to provide an extra (and critical) layer of insight that you just can’t get with isolated efforts.
  • Fast, Targeted Access Once you’ve identified the people you need to talk to, our industry- leading appointment setting services will get you the critical face-to-face meetings that will help you seal the deal. We ensure maximum efficacy by creating segment-specific messaging that we optimize based on the real-time feedback we collected.
  • Enabled Salesforce ADG makes sure that your sales rep is the smartest one in the lobby. Armed with important account insights, like current technology environment and pains and challenges, your reps will enter their meetings more prepared with a compelling pitch.
  • “BAO enabled a true market segmentation model.”

    Alan Komet, Director of Sales Operations at FalconStor

"BAO provided a true blueprint of our market — the segments, the business drivers, and the buying behavior — before we engaged. That allowed us to home in on our most strategic prospects with a personalized message, translating to $22 million in pipeline. That's the power of ADG."

Jim Coburn, VP of Strategic Sales, Pomeroy IT Solutions

Why It Matters

ADG helps you streamline and optimize your sales and marketing efforts for maximum efficiency and success. It arms your sales and marketing teams with the critical information they need to:



  • Get in front of open opportunities fast, before your competitors do.
  • Ensure that your sales reps are focused on the accounts with the highest proclivity to buy.
  • Allow your reps to concentrate on high-value activities like nurturing and closing business instead of cold calling.
  • Take the guesswork out of sales planning, staffing, resource allocation, and territory optimization.
  • Create a market blueprint that includes your competitors’ footprints and helps you devise an effective competitive attack plan.
  • Send your sales reps into meetings better prepared to maximize the opportunity.


  • Get real-time insight into what your market wants and how your solution fills those needs.
  • Get access to market- and account-specific intelligence that’s far more informative than basic demographics.
  • Strategically tailor marketing messages to a particular segment or even at a 1:1 level.
  • Position your solution as the perfect antidote to your target audience’s challenges.
  • Create more targeted marketing campaigns that zero in on the exact messaging you need to convert.
  • Create alignment between sales and marketing activities.
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