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Smarter targeting to increase your win rate

Many sales execs say their biggest challenge is finding qualified prospects—but there are strategies for you to identify your best prospects in order to execute more effective sales and marketing campaigns

Focus on the right prospects—at the right time

When it comes to leads, “qualified” is temporary. Your best prospects today could be your worst prospects in 6 months if they’ve already purchased a competitor’s solution. That’s why you need to know not just who fits your profile, but when they’re primed to buy and why.

Get actionable insights about your target accounts
Identify elements of the organization’s IT infrastructure that are relevant to your ideal customer profile (ICP)
Pain points
Know exactly where the prospect is struggling in order to prioritize the right use cases to focus on
Identify purchasing time frame, as well as who will own/influence the deal, so you can prioritize sales and marketing outreach more effectively
Set your high-priority campaigns and communications up for success
Competitive displacement
Find out when competitors’ contracts are up for renewal—and which customers are unhappy with them
Whitespace campaigns
Identify opportunities to set the agenda and influence the RFP process in your favor
Product launches
Accelerate your go-to-market plan by gaining fast traction for new offerings
Sales enablement
Tee up your sales team with qualified accounts and all the details they need to have highly relevant and compelling conversations
Why it works
You gain a real-time blueprint of your target market, based on the criteria that matters to your business, to put your sales and marketing teams in a position of power
The profiles you receive capture the intelligence that’s specific to your solution and value proposition
The data is current—validated via phone interviews with key decision-makers in your target accounts—not pulled from a stale database
You get an in-depth, real-time view of your prospects’ buying cycles, and you get it fast—valuable insight is delivered in days or weeks, not months
You get individual account details as well as an overall view of your market trend data
Insights for smarter targeting
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