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It's Time to Start Practicing Responsible Lead Generation

Stop wasting money and time.
Picture it:
You have 5,000 leads from your trade show or campaign.

Somewhere in there are 135 contacts who have an active initiative and actually want you to call them. That could potentially represent millions of pipeline opportunity.

Pretty great, right? Except you don’t know which 135 they are.

You can’t just sit back and wait for them to call you, because they won’t. You could give the entire list to the sales reps to call and qualify the leads, even though you know, at best, they’ll cherry-pick a few names and ignore the rest. Unfortunately, cherry-picking is a lousy way to find those hot prospects because they’re probably not obvious. Or, you could just throw the whole list into nurturing. But, when your competitors call them—and they will—they’ll own those opportunities and you’ll be in catch-up mode.

Why is inbound lead qualification so darn hard?

Umpteen studies have shown that when companies execute on fast lead qualification with prospects who have provided their contact information (AKA leads), they vastly improve their chances of winning the sale. At the same time, it’s gotten much harder to actually reach those very same prospects.

In fact,it takes 31 dials on average to qualify a hand-raiser.

And the volume of inbound leads just keeps going up. That’s more leads to follow up on, more dials needed to reach each lead, and sales impact waning with each day that passes.

What is responsible lead generation?

It’s irresponsible to spend a lot of money—not to mention enormous effort—on lead gen programs and then not follow up on leads that have real revenue potential. But it’s also irresponsible to waste hours—or days, or even weeks—of sales reps’ time on huge numbers of leads that don’t warrant their immediate attention.

Going back to our example above, what if you could pinpoint the 135 great leads and hand just those over to sales, along with valuable data about those prospects to help them better tailor each individual conversation? And then, of the remaining 4,865, you knew which ones would benefit from nurturing—and exactly which streams to put them into?

Now that’s responsible lead generation with smart, live, phone-based lead follow-up. And it’s exactly what our Lead Qualification service was built for.

If you’ve got a big campaign or event coming up, or even a recent one with a backlog of leads no one is touching,

Contact us to find out how we can qualify your leads for sales follow-up to find revenue potential and vastly improve the productivity of your sales teams and marketing programs.

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