Lead Qualification The Inside Sales coverage you need to maximize your leads.

You invest a lot of time and money into generating leads. Your marketing efforts – webinars, tradeshows, white papers, and so forth – are driving more inbound leads than ever before. But you need optimal inside sales coverage to maximize the leads you’ve created.

It takes 31 dials on average to qualify a single inbound lead – even when they’re interacted with your content.

In fact, market research indicates that, up to 40 percent of all inbound leads never receive any kind of follow up from sales.

This is a common challenge for technology companies, and it typically comes down to coverage issues. Even large, talented inside sales teams can’t effectively cover the volume of leads being created today. BAO acts as extension of your sales and marketing team, so we can maximize your inbound lead flow, while allowing your inside team to increase their own sales productivity.

What It Is. How It Works.

Our Lead Qualification service handles the burden of qualifying a large volume of leads. In addition to quickly understanding which leads are worth your team’s time and attention, you also gain insight into program performance.

BAO’s Lead Qualification solution provides focused follow-up to drive the right leads to the next step in the buying journey.

  • Fast Results Get almost immediate insight at the contact and account level as our team quickly gauges interest and preferences so you know:
    • Which leads meet your sales qualification criteria and would like follow up
    • Which accounts represent a viable opportunity for your solution
    • Which should be returned to marketing for ongoing nurturing
    • Which should be removed from the database
  • Customized Strategy You set the criteria. We make the calls. Each Lead Qualification engagement is tailored to your specific sales and marketing needs.
  • Real-time Analysis of Lead Source Performance As leads are qualified, patterns and trends will emerge. With insight into lead source performance you’ll know what worked and what didn’t, so you can plan future marketing investments more effectively.

“BAO’s Lead Qualification support is our insurance policy that no hard-earned lead goes untouched. Their team is fast, thorough and professional. We like knowing our prospects have a great experience with us from the first inquiry, and we know our success rate increases with live follow-up. As a fast growth organization it's crucial that we have partners that can adapt and change with us to help meet our business needs. BAO has been just that.”

- Josh Verrill, VP Revenue Acquisition, Dyn

Lead Source PErformance

Why It Matters

As a marketer, your job is to create leads for the sales team. It’s frustrating when those leads don’t get worked. BAO Lead Qualification ensures that none of those leads fall through the cracks, robbing sales of potential pipeline and deflating the value of your marketing campaigns. We help you quickly and easily identify which leads are most valuable so you pass only the “good stuff” to the sales team.

  • Gain critical visibility into campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Measure and optimize marketing campaigns against real-world feedback instead of best guesses.
  • Deliver better-vetted, qualified leads to your sales team.
  • Ensure your sales team isn’t losing productivity calling tire kickers.
  • Get better coverage so your team can stay focused on prospecting and other sales activities.
  • Uncover ‘low hanging fruit.’
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