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Account-Based Marketing

ABM is only as successful as the targets you select—use highly relevant insights to build account lists with maximum potential

Build your ABM foundation with custom account intelligence from the start

Account-specific intelligence is critical in ABM execution. Yet, when it comes to target account selection, why do so many companies build their lists based on generic firmographics or even just the simple desire to acquire certain logos? To maximize success, you need relevant account intelligence to pinpoint the right accounts you should be targeting right from the start.

Create a data-driven ABM roadmap
Select the right companies
Go deeper than basic demographics and prioritize based on more relevant factors such as tech environment, competitors installed, and budgeted initiatives
Use the right message
Confidently approach each account with messaging that’s focused on their individual needs and interests
Understand the key decision-makers
Identify who will own/influence the deal and the specific pains and challenges they’re struggling with
Get superior insights about your target accounts
Plan account-based outreach more effectively by understanding current buying cycle and trigger events
Know exactly where the account is struggling to identify the right use cases to focus on
Arm marketing and sales with valuable account details to execute tailored and highly differentiated marketing campaigns and sales conversations
How it works
A profile customized to your criteria
We work with you to craft a custom profile to capture the specific account insights that will identify the optimal targets for your ABM program
Account-based research
Our team of Market Research Specialists conduct live interviews with key influencers and decision-makers
A playbook for account selection and outreach
You get completed profiles with account-by-account details into technology stack, trigger events, pains and challenges, and competitors installed so you can select the right list and reach out with highly relevant communications
Raise the bar on your account intelligence

Because ABM focuses your resources on a defined set of companies, even small misalignments can create big challenges—you need the most relevant insights to increase the impact of your ABM program

All account insights are gathered specifically for your solutions and value propositions
Data is gathered via live conversations with prospect executives, so it’s current, not pulled from a stale database or inferred from web activity or algorithms
You get information that is unavailable to your competitors
Our ABM numbers don't lie
of companies report that their ABM programs are missing key account insights
account insights identified
Insights for better prospecting
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