Opportunity Identification (OppIDTM)

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Your roadmap to revenue – based on a real-time blueprint of the opportunities in your target market

There are hot prospects out there whose needs are a perfect match for your solution. You just haven’t found each other yet. OppID™ helps you isolate accounts with active initiatives, those with pain points your solution can solve, and greenfield opportunities.

What It Is. How It Works.

Our fully customized OppID™ solution delivers the insight our Clients need to drive more efficient marketing and higher sales productivity:

  • Strategy Each OppID™ engagement is tailored to meet your exact needs. We begin with a list of accounts you want to target and develop a custom profile to capture the specific, account-by-account information that is most relevant to your business.
  • Market & Account Research Armed with this qualification criteria, our team of highly experienced and professional Market Research Specialists (MRS) gets to work calling into the target organizations and conducting live interviews with key influencers and decision makers.
  • Segmentation & Intelligence Delivery Ultimately, we provide you with an in-depth, real-time, segmented view of your market that includes:
    • Who’s actively looking for a solution like yours right now
    • What the budget is for relevant, planned initiatives
    • Where your competitors are installed and which of those accounts are up for renewal
    • When buyers are planning to make a purchase (now, within six months, or longer)
    • Which challenges led the prospect to consider a new solution
    • Additional market trends and insights

OppID™ is critical, account-by-account intelligence delivered fast.

Because timing is everything, OppID™ delivers critical insights in days or weeks instead of months. Our performance- based, scalable team is perfectly suited to take on the heavy lifting necessary to get you all the information you need to focus your team on real opportunities.

“We have unprecedented insight into the makeup of our market. We know where there are immediate opportunities and where there’s a need for more education. We know where the competitors are. This has been huge from a market research standpoint and it will help us drive overall business strategy.”

Ty Nilsson, Director of Demand Generation, O.C. Tanner

Why It Matters

Because it’s fully customizable, OppID™ gives you a live blueprint of your market that maps directly to your organization’s business goals. You design the question set to qualify your market so you can stay focused, and aligned to execute more efficient marketing, and increase sales productivity.



  • Segment your target market based on factors that matter.
  • Get real-time insight into what your market wants and how to position your solution to fills those needs.
  • Get access to market- and account-specific intelligence that’s far more informative than basic demographics.
  • Strategically tailor marketing messages to a particular segment or even at a 1:1 level.
  • Position your solution as the perfect antidote to your target audience’s challenges.
  • Create more targeted marketing campaigns that zero in on the exact messaging you need to convert.
  • Create alignment between sales and marketing.


  • Prioritize accounts based on revenue potential.
  • Gain real-time access into exactly what your prospects need, right now.
  • Streamline sales planning and increase sales productivity – by align valuable sales resources with a clear go-to- market strategy. Get better visibility into your market’s purchasing behaviors so you can optimize territories and focus operations.
  • Isolate competitive displacement opportunities.
  • Send your sales reps into meetings better prepared to maximize the opportunity.
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