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Opportunity Identification (OppID™)

Get actionable account intelligence—fast and hyper-customized

Get smarter about the accounts you care about

Real-time buyer insights promise to deliver a prospecting edge, but that’s only part of the story. There are other factors, such as certain technology installed or particular use cases, that make some prospects a better fit over others. High-performing sales and marketing organizations in the tech industry work with BAO to gain an unfair advantage with more relevant and exclusive account insights. With BAO’s OppID service, you can identify competitors’ vulnerable accounts, fuel more effective account-based marketing programs, or better enable your sales development team. Simply put, you can find the active buying cycles.

Here’s how to get the competitive edge needed to win this quarter’s deals
Accelerate visibility into your target market

Identify your best prospects faster by the exact account insights and buyer signals that matter to your business

Data is gathered via phone surveys so you get validated facts, not inferred assumptions
Profiles are gathered specifically for your solutions and value propositions to provide the exact data you need, not proxies
You get information that is unavailable to anyone else—including your competitors—giving you an edge
Segmented and actionable
Prioritize sales and marketing efforts more effectively and arm reps with valuable insight to have highly differentiated sales conversations
OppID delivers the answers to your biggest questions about prospects

Each OppID engagement is tailored to the exact needs of your solution and campaign; here are some of the common types of questions our clients use

Technology fit
Is a specific technology/solution currently installed? What version is in use? Who uses it and how? Who owns it? How satisfied are they with the solution?
Is a particular competitor installed? When is the contract due to expire? How satisfied are they with the solution?
Pain points and use cases
Where are there capability gaps? What challenges are they experiencing?
Budget and timing
Is there a budgeted initiative planned? What is the timeline? Where are they in the process? Who will own/influence the deal?
No-compromise account intelligence
Intent behavior is just part of the picture
Intent behavior data is valuable for mature offerings, but if you’re going to market with a disruptive solution, or trying to re-position beyond the current market perception of your company, it misses the mark—you need the kind of deeper, smarter insights that you can only get with OppID
Custom research isn’t truly custom
Account research, whether performed internally or outsourced, can be slow, and because insights are typically scraped from publicly available information, the profiles differ wildly from account to account and they can be verbose and hard to use—OppID delivers consistent, bespoke, and precise profiles that are actionable and easy to use
How it works
We work with you to define the list of accounts you want to target and develop a custom profile to capture the specific details that are relevant to your business
Account-based research
Our team of Market Research Specialists conduct live interviews with key influencers and decision-makers in your target accounts
Segmentation and delivery
You get an in-depth, real-time, segmented view of your market
Why BAO Opportunity Identification?

We deliver deal-making account details you simply can’t get anywhere else

Fast activation
No complex set-up, integration, or training required—easy-to-use account profiles are delivered in days, not months
Hyper-prescriptive insights
Our custom approach ensures tight alignment with your solution and sales team’s needs, taking actionable to the next level
Immediate ROI
Start mapping your target market without breaking the bank—and without locking yourself into yet another martech commitment
The numbers don’t lie
OppIDs completed to date
account-based marketing insights identified
technology purchasing cycles uncovered
Solve your biggest targeting challenges
Generate MQLs to support sales objectives
Jump-start competitive displacement, whitespace, and other targeted campaigns
Power your ABM with custom account intelligence
Select the right companies to target with deeper and more relevant account insights
Arm your SDRs for success
Enable your sales development team to find and reach more qualified prospects with opportunity potential