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Would Customers Pay for Your Sales Calls?

What we're reading—and why it matters.

A recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog asked, “Would Customers Pay for Your Sales Calls?”

It’s an interesting question – and to answer it, you have to ask yourself some other questions first. Are you taking a consultative approach? Are you going to meetings with the prospect’s “big picture” in mind? Do you have an understanding of the business challenges they face – and how your solution fits into their overall goals and strategies?

Sales calls have evolved beyond simple transactions. Prospects want to work with trusted partners who know their business, understand their pains and have a plan for tackling the issues that keep them up at night.

The bottom line is that each sales call gives you an opportunity to add value and build a strong relationship with your buyers. And being prepared with custom, account-level intelligence – think real-time knowledge about a specific prospect’s current infrastructure, imminent projects, available budget, and approved buying plans – is the best way to get there. Armed with that insight, you can develop detailed recommendations for solving a prospect’s biggest business challenges – before you even walk in the door.

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