Our Story

Sales In Our DNA

We Have Sales In Our DNA. Literally.

Founded in 1997, BAO is a family owned and operated business that has grown up from modest beginnings to be an undisputed appointment setting leader and innovator. Our team now includes more than 200 highly skilled and experienced sales professionals, each one of whom shares the original vision that inspired a small team of smart, passionate people determined to change the way high-tech companies go to market.

Humble but Strong Beginnings

First “headquartered” in a family room, we launched BAO with little more than two telephones and a few legal pads. Though our initial operation lacked swanky office space and cutting edge technology (CRM platforms weren’t even mainstream back then), we had more important assets: three generations of sales experts, all with old-school grit and big ideas.

In those early days, we were fortunate enough to win two strong players as first Clients: Hyperion Solutions and Mercury Interactive. Working with these large sales organizations proved to be critically beneficial in terms of both establishing and expanding our business.

Tenacity Meets Technology and The Business Takes Off

BAO’s organic growth is a testament to the persistence and professionalism of the original BAO team, most of who still come to work every day at our main office. As Clients moved from one company to another, they brought BAO with them. For the first five years, our Client base grew almost exclusively via referrals and word of mouth from Hyperion and Mercury alumni who had come to depend on BAO.

As our contact network was growing across the industry, new technologies and marketing platforms were emerging. We integrated these tools into our business to provide expanded capabilities and more sophisticated solutions.

Over the last eighteen years, we have moved six times to accommodate our growing team. Each time, we think we’ve maxed out the potential; but the demand is still growing and so are we.

Still Fiercely Dedicated to Our Original Passion and Purpose

When we started this company, we knew we were taking on the toughest sales job out there. Cold calling is not for the faint of heart, and we do it better than anyone else. Though technology has introduced new twists to the age-old sales game, we have remained true to our mission: give leaders in high-tech a smarter, more effective way to go to market.

Through all the industry changes and growth, we’ve also been very intentional about protecting our company culture. We consider the work we do more of a calling than a job, and we consider our teammates more family than colleagues. We often joke that we have a family tree instead of an org chart, but we’re dead serious about taking care of our people. We’re asking them to do a hard job. They deserve to be rewarded and supported both financially and personally.

This is our story so far. We’re proud of our company, our people, and our Clients and we invite you to learn more about who we are and what we do, our services, our Clients, and what makes us different. We’re changing the way high-tech companies go to market, and we’d love for you to join our family.